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*****A couple of days ago I was referred to as being "big boned". Hmmmm... Is that truly possible? I mean, can some people really have bigger bones than others? I mean really? (And how is this supposed to make me feel better? Hmmmmm???)

*****I have a question I'd like to throw out to Scholastic regarding an item they had for sale at our recent school Book Fair. How do you feel this item fits into an educational format?

It's a stick with a pointing hand on the end. No pencil or pen at the other end. And they're $4.99 each! The kids were all over them which made the parents even more irritable. Bad move Scholastic.

*****It's picture day tomorrow and I've trimmed my daughters bangs. I trimmed them. I did my best to hide my surprise at how spikey they turned out. Please, dear daughters, forgive me when you look back on your 3rd and 6th grade class pictures. Mommy loves you.

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  1. I HOPE they don't have those finger things at our book fair this November!!

  2. I think the proper name for the finger things is....weapons.....seriously. I don't know why they would have those at a book fair!

    We used to trim my daughter's bangs (well, my husband did, it made me too nervous) but now she is growing them out. It has been six months of hair all in her face, and it is driving me crazy!! (thanks for letting me vent that!)

  3. Those are follow along with the words pointers. Yep they are for the kids to follow the words along the page as they sound them out. Most schools use popscile type sticks here

  4. They had those at our book fair as well...and I couldn't hide my disappointment. What happened to book fairs like they had when we were kiddos?

  5. Big boned! Ha!! How about being told you would grow out of that baby fat one day and now 33 years later it's still here!
    Oh, I saw those pointers at Scholastic but we didn't get one, but my daughter just got her prizes for the crappy school fundraiser stuff and guess what? She got a pointer pencil. She immediately and repeated wiggled it at my nose...
    And moms should never be allowed to hold a pair of scissors...Never! I have the proof in like 10 school pictures from my childhood!

  6. Hi Ann,
    I don't get those sticks either, seems like they'll end up just being used as weapons! Also, I trim my three year old daughter's bangs all the time, I just do the old "twist them all together and snip." Of course, she'll probably have something to say about this when she gets older. Found you through Stacy's Random Thoughts and SITS. I'll try to join in on your next Virtual Girls Night Out :)

  7. Ann-
    I know what those stick pointers are for!! They are for a new fancy school technology called Smart Boards. It's like an interactive white board. They have them at my daughter's school here in MN. We saw them at the book fair too, they were suggestions to buy for the teachers. Our 4 year old just picked one up and was poking people in the behind with them, but that is their actual purpose.
    Check it out at smarttech.com.

    This just totally made my day that I knew that answer!!

  8. I do my littles hair too, but I've learned to never do it right before an event, rather a month ahead... that way the mistake I always seem to make has a chance to grew in... at least a little!

  9. OK...I just have to say,


    Ours is going on right now and I TOTALLY understand!


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