Virtual GNO - I'm In A Cave!

There was a pretty exciting Field Trip today. Fifty 3rd graders, and their chaperones, went into Ape Caves in Washington State. This cave is the longest continuous lava tube in the United States. So cool! Time for me to recuperate with a little Virtual Girls Night Out!

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Time For Some Tunes!

Zee Avi "Bitter Heart"

Love this song!

Time For A Cocktail!

Cave In
1 oz Southern Comfort
1 oz Vodka
1 oz Amaretto
Cranberry Juice
1 splash Orange Juice

Pour the amaretto, Bacardi 151 and Southern Comfort into an old-fashioned glass 3/4 filled with ice cubes. Stir well. Add cranberry juice to taste, and stir again briefly. Add a splash of orange juice, and serve.

I didn't want to actually have a Cave In, but I am more than happy to DRINK a Cave-In.

Time For A Party Game!

"Would you rather...?"

Here's a bit of a Truth or Dare. Answer this question...

Would you rather be able to read your husband's (spouse's) mind? Or have them be able to read yours?

Ooohhhh... Let's see... I think, oh man. Well, I think I'll go for him reading mine.

What about you? And, do you have a "Would You Rather...?" question for the VGNO party? Let's hear it. Bring it on!

VGNO Heart-Shaped Rock Project

The rock has made it's first stop at Yaya's place. Go check her out! The "little gem" has many stops waiting for it until it returns to me with all it's travel tales to tell. Would you like to play a part? Check here for more info (scoll to the bottom of the post). Please e-mail me your mailing address and I will add you to our list of VGNO participants. annharrisonATcomcastDOTcom.

Now, my dear VGNO friends, I believe I'll go have a cocktail. Start mingling. Click the MckLinky button to join the Virtual GNO. Visit those that have signed-in. Go blog-hopping! Please invite your blog readers to join us here. I would LOVE to know them and visit their sites as well. That's what it's all about. Share this party with your blog friends, post A LINK to the Virtual GNO on your blog and have your readers join us.

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  1. Happy VGNO!

    I would rather read his mind...mine is too confusing! Lol!

    Hope the field trip was fun!

  2. I would definitely want to know what he is thinking. I think out loud anyway. He has the advantage.

  3. Yea.. I would rather read his mind... mine is too crowded. Glad you had fun... I am off to rest... I am sick and am supposed to go to a Wine tasting fundraiser for my sis's bday... not sure I am feeling up to it... Have a great GNO!!

  4. This is a hard one. But definitely don't want him reading my mind, so I guess I'm left reading his!

    Ann... did you get my e-mail last week about adding me to the heart shaped rock project? I sent you my address. Let me know if you need me to send it again. Thanks!

  5. I think.....neither. But if I have to choose, I'd be reading his. Definitely!

    Lisa @
    All That and a Box of Rocks

    Ps-This is my first VGNO!!!

  6. I would rather be able to read his... I talk all the time so I am sure he always knows what I am thinking... but he keeps things to himself and sometimes it drives me MAD!

  7. I would WWWWAAAAYYYYYY rather read his than have him read mine. I take the fifth on why! Happy VGNO and have a wonderful and restful weekend. Great photo of your family and the giant crabs. How fun! I used to go crabbing when I was little, but haven't done it in soooo long. I wonder if I'd remember how!

  8. I'd rather be able to read his mind... no one needs to have a front row seat to the direct workings of my nuttiness! :)
    Happy Friday and happy GNO!

  9. Happy VGNO! Crazy week. Read all about it in my VGNO update : )
    Hope everyone here is doing great. I'm heading out for a Soc Hop. I'll come back later and catch up on my reading... oh yeah... and mix that cocktail Ann!

  10. I love this song. Isn't she CUTE?

    Cheers, ladies!!

  11. I DO NOT want him reading MINE! That may not be good :-)

    Have a Great VGNO!

  12. Happy VGNO! Do I really want to know what he's thinking???

  13. Hey - I've missed you guys! I sure picked a dooozie to come back on. Hmmmm...I pretty much already read his mind and I think he would get a headache if he read mine. I'm so late, I promise to visit everybody by the end of the weekend. I hope to be caught up by next VGNO - have a happy! - ♥Ivette

  14. I have claustraphobia yet some how I have managed to visit many of the caves located from Kentucky to New Mexico and a few in South Dakota.

    I would rather read Kahuna's mind. It is much more organized. :)

  15. OH man I would NOT want to read his mind, boobs, sex, boobs, food, boobs, gah

  16. Ooh, are you going to tell us more about the lava tube???

    Justine :o )

  17. Happy VGNO! Hey Ann! A day late but I'm here!!!! Great song...I really like it. Oooh, the Ape Caves...that sounds like fun! I'm into all that science stuff! The most exciting place we went for a field trip was the science center...eh, okay, but a field trip into caves....way cool!!!

  18. I think I'd rather be able to read his...but I am pretty sure he would be in all kinds of trouble...

  19. Sorry I missed the fun VGNO. My internet keeps going out on me. Anyway... I would definately prefer to read HIS mind. Mine is too dirty.

  20. I'm not sure reading his mind or my reading his would really be such a great idea!

    I'm glad you had fun at the Caves, we haven't been there yet. I missed VGNO, we were in "the caves" at the Kingdom of the Night Exhibit at the Omaha Zoo. All the bats were separated from us by netting of course!

    Enjoy your week! Out leaving comments for my followers today! :)


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