Virtual GNO Is Needed!

Man, oh man. Do we ever deserve a night of nothin' but fun. Good, cheap fun! It's BYOB my friends, because that's what the budget allows. (And any change I find in the cushions is MINE! Oh wait, this is 'virtual'.)
It's a party so don't be shy, go mingle! When someone leaves a comment go visit their blog and leave a comment. When your blog is visited go introduce yourself to your guest. But come back! It's a party!
And you know what would make us feel better people?... We must party like it's 1999!!!

Prince "1999"

1999 [Video] - Prince

Picture Day
Yes, yesterday was picture day and it really was fun. Our school now goes K-8 and I stayed around to help the 'big kids' get ready too. I'm 5'10 and some kids are as tall as me already! (Good Lord! What are we putting in their food?)
I asked if you had any horrible class pictures. My oldest is in 5th grade so I will share my 5th grade picture.
I'm wearing a lovely denim jumpsuit, accented with my large right ear. A vision!
It's your turn, post a grade school picture. (I dare you!)

Time For A Party Game!

My goodness there are so many games of Tag going on! I'm going to go in order of date received so I'll begin with Mama of Romance, which in turn is also Cheryl's The Daily Blonde.

7 Random & Weird Facts About Me:
1. I can't breathe around manila envelopes. I just can't!
2. I HATE the feeling of popsicle sticks on my teeth, so I never finish one.
3. I prefer to have a candle lit in my house. Anywhere. It makes me happy!
4. I HATE a dirty floor. Walking around barefoot and stepping on crumbs! YUCK!
5. I could listen to New Age music all day. Not that I want to, I just could.
6. I HATE stores with fluorescent lights. Hate that kind of light!
7. I love white food.

Now, I tag you all for this party game! (Not you Mama or Cheryl, of course)

Time for a cocktail!
I thought I would share a recipe for a cocktail that was made popular during The Great Depression. (Gee Ann, why would you choose that?!?)

Champagne Cocktail
6 ounces chilled champagne
1 cube sugar
Angostura bitters
Soak sugar cube with Angostura bitters. Place the cube in the bottom of a champagne flute. Fill with champagne. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Yum!!! I may make this for tonight, or I'll just open a bottle of wine. Maybe both!

Now go mingle at our Girls Night Out. When someone leaves a comment go visit their blog and leave a comment. And when your blog is visited, go visit your guests blog. Keep the momentum going. And invite some of your blog pals if you like!
Come back though! It's a party!

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  1. Oh am I first? really? Oh goody, goody gumdrops for me. whoo hoo.

    So come on over let's get this party started.

  2. How cute were you in fifth grade? I bet all the boys were either chasing you or pulling your hair. Did they pull hair at that age? I forget. Also, sometimes I think I might become a recluse just so I don't have to go out and be seen in poor, flourescent lighting.

  3. AAAA,

    I get totally screwed up by the time stamps. I think they are based on which blog you are on at the time right? What time zone are you in? I'm Pacific.

    By the way, I've been gone all morning, just got back, and I was going through computer withdrawals. So, I'm just getting started.

    You are my 1st comment my dear!

  4. Love the picture! I just posted pictures of myself in 1st and 2nd grade yesterday!

  5. Your 5th grade picture is so cute! I am going to have to raid my mother's photo albums one day soon and get some old pictures to post!

    What are angostura bitters? I think I'll just have a Coors lite.

  6. Yesterday you asked me what my stories are...but your email doesn't come up for me so I couldn't answer.
    So I'll tell you now!
    I like Days Of Our Lives...
    but mostly I am a One Life to Live and General Hospital girl. Those 2 I have been watching since the 80s!

  7. You were one hot mama in the fifth grade!! I would have wanted to be you! I was a giant dork with my big old permed head. Ugh.

  8. So fantastic to be thought of as one of the girls...woohoo!!
    Thanks for the invite...grabbing my vodka...
    One question...who is driving me home?

  9. I know, I about died when I saw your 1999 title up there! Great minds think alike!!! (totally coincidence, too!)

  10. Oh fun! Just what we need.

    Ok...I think we were separated at birth because I can't eat Popsicles...because if they touch my teeth I FREAK...getting goosebumps right now thinking about it. Also I HATE a dirty floor. I can't walk barefoot (I also wash my feet before getting into bed...the thought of dirty feet in my bed...yikes). I do listen to new age music all day (well, when I can...it's all I listen to in the car). I love white food and hate fluorescent lights. Ok...the manila envelope thing...I don't get that :)

  11. I'm totally partying like it's 1999! And OMG...I love that picture! I'm blown away that you are that tall. Somehow in my head, I had you pegged at 5'6...no idea, but in our little girlfriend shopping trips that go on in my head (where we are all rich and have Black Am Ex plus limo...well, and champagne) you were closer to my height of 5'4", yet slightly taller bc I look up to you. :) Off to stalk other blogs...I'll be baaaack.

  12. I hate flourescent lights so much that I put 3 lamps in my office and never hit the switch for the flourescents. (My office was then voted "best lighting" by our assistant, 'natch!)

    I am coming down with a terrible cold (courtesy of my 3yo), so I won't be partying much (though I did have one glass of wine ;), but I'll try to check back in tomorrow to visit some blogs. I'm afraid I have to toddle off to bed now though. Have fun girls!

    And Ann, thanks SO much for your encouraging comment on my last post. It's going okay but still a bit of a struggle. Do email me with your tips/ideas!

  13. I think a drink tells a lot about a person.

    For example: Ann's Great Depresion Drink = Ann is a cheap date (no offense)

    I'm drinking a premixed Vodka Mojito w/ Kaffir Lime which is not strong enough for me so I add about 10 splashes of "Frost" vodka (Never heard of it? me neither...it was on sale) = I'm a cheap date and a lush :)

    What're you drinking?

  14. Hey! Glad to be blogvited to the GNO! I'm sipping a nice cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - I try to stay as local as I can ;+) - and ready to blog hop. Happy Friday!

  15. Hey Ann!! Glad you found me! Happy to join GNO. I luvvrrr me some Prince! Great party pick! I am kinda wishing it was 1999...at least I had some money in the bank then. :(
    Meanwhile, HELLO, that's your worst school picture? Um, are you getting all Angelina-Jolie-I-swear-I-was-an-awkward-kid-no-really-I-never-used-to-be-pretty on us? FOR REALS??? :) Seriously, you were a pretty girl. What a smile! Thanks for sharing. Um, I am pretty sure I won't be returning the favor. It's just too scary.
    Cheers! Clink!

  16. First of all--that is a really cute school picture! My mom has all mine--I'll have to scare some up.

    OMG--I HATE the thought of popsicle sticks in my mouth--that is like my #1 thing that freaks me out!!

    That cocktail sound delicious--I'l try it!

    OK--going to mingle...

  17. Thanks for the invite over Ann. I'm not big on popsicles, but I chew on the sticks when I do have one. I'll stick with the Crown Royal whilst I head off and mingle.

  18. Ann, your GNO is awesome! Thanks so much for coming over and explaining it all to me. I was feeling very left out. Thank god all my elementary school pics are safely hidden in a closet at my mother's.

    Have a great Friday night!

  19. Hi Ann! I love your picture! I wish that I could figure out my scanner. I can scan the picture, but I can't figure out how to get just the picture and not all the white around the picture. One day I will figure it out!

  20. I am in need of a night out since it looks like the wine shop where I work will be closing this month (and I was just made manager! Waah

    Men are invited? Cool! Can you invite Bruce Willis, circa 1988? I just saw the first Die Hard (ok I'm a bit slow on the cultural uptake), and I feel all swoony.

    Yippee ki yay!

  21. hi, came via Lindas time warp tuesday, thats a good 5th grad pic!


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