Friday, October 24, 2008

Virtual G.N.O.- Post HSM3

Second night, same as the first. For those that were dancing in the aisles at the opening night of "High School Musical 3". (Oh, you're wonderful parents. Yes, you are!!!)

I need to let loose. The last few nights have been crazy with my little one. She hasn't been feeling well, which means that sleep is all messed up. And last night we discovered that Ibuprofen can put her into a bit of a hallucinogenic state. Really!!! She was freaking out about not being able to stop counting. She was dazed and kept asking "What's 5 + 1 ?" or "What's the number below 8?"
She could not rest well so we stayed up most of the night talking about numbers and shapes. whee-ee-ee (yawn)
And I did that after coming home from seeing "Spring Awakening" again! (Thank you husband!!!) I think I'm a groupie now. Maybe I'll follow them to California.

So on with the evening. Here's how a Virtual GNO is done; when someone leaves a comment go visit their blog and leave a comment. When your blog is visited go introduce yourself to your guest. But come back! It's a party! Invite your friends.

Go grab a beverage of your choice and let's dance.

Spoon - "Don't You Evah"

Groovy tune.

OK. We need a drink recipe for tonight. And since Halloween is next week let's choose a nice Vampire Kiss. (I'm in the mood for Rum, but you can easily omit it.)

Vampire Kiss
2 parts Malibu Passion Fruit Rum
1 part tonic water
Splash of cranberry juice

Shake with ice, strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with seasonal fruit. (Maybe a black cherry.)

Hey, is anyone dressing up for Halloween? I don't dress-up so I don't have any fun pictures to show. Do you have some costumed pics you want to share? Post them and let me know! Tattooed Minivan Mom has posted one. Caroline of The Zen In You has used her gorgeous talents and posted some images.
Now, here are some costumes that some might find quiet frightening!

McCain and Palin in "High School Musical 3"
They've got some moves! Thanks for this Alex!

Now here's something from my dear friend Toni. I just have to share.

Ron Howard's Call To Action

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

Enough with the politics already, right?!? (Don't answer that.)

I've got my drink mixed and I'm ready. Now go mingle at our Girls Night Out. When someone leaves a comment go visit their blog and leave a comment. And when your blog is visited, go visit your guests blog. Keep the momentum going. And invite some of your blog pals if you like!
Come back though! It's a party!

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    Sorry, just got a little overexcited.

    Rum check!

    Nope, need more.

    Ann still hasn't said if I'm her date. She must not want to get laid 2nite.

  2. Wait, was McCain doing Palin from behind at about 31 seconds?

    Am I gonna get kicked out?

  3. Nope, you're not getting kicked out!
    And I can double date 'cha. My hubby is mixing my drinks and playing his guitar right now. (That's a tough act to follow ;->)

  4. Woot!! Am I late? I have my pumpkin spice ale and everything - I'm ready to Par-Tay!!

    Also, that Spoon song is groovin! I'm going off to download....

    Thanks for the GNO invite!!

  5. Hey Ann!
    I'm the party-goer who never, um, goes away. Happy GNO! Love the Opie vid! (Is it wrong that I thought Fonzie looked well, kind of hot?)
    :) Robin

  6. No it's not wrong!!!
    Now when I see him I see Barry Zuckerkorn! Man I miss Arrested Development!!!

  7. Wait! I suck. I'm pretty late at getting here. Hello ladies! Coming to stalk you all! Woo-hoo! Love the VGNO! Thanks for being the hostess with the mostess. Vampire Kiss? Much better band name than Vamprire Weekend.

  8. I put on a costume and took a picture!

  9. I heard you were having a party...found you through tattooedminivanmom! Hope you girls are having a great night. I think I might have a mojito and end up watching Aladin with my boy! That's the extent of my nightly excitment. Sad I know.

  10. Hey! Am I the only one partying out here? My beer is empty and I'm trying to figure out if I need another one!

  11. Well hello ladies! Sorry I'm showing up late but I was at HSM3 shakin' my money maker with 300 kids who can make a sound much like a jet firing up....SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!

    Going to to tour the crowd...drink in hand!

  12. Yeah Mary Anne! I'm glad you're here!

    And Nicole, it's so nice to meet you! How's that Mojito workin' for ya'?

  13. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. To tired to drink and play tonight. See you all tomorrow. Don't forget to turn off the lights when the last one leaves tonight. :)

  14. Hello! I love the GNO! Much needed after seeing HSM3 today! Geez, I am really enjoying some grown up music!

  15. Hey, Ann! I just now checked my email or I would have been by much earlier! Count me in for the next GNO! Can't wait to make a vampire's kiss!!
    I miss arrested development too! Gob and Buster were my favorites!!

  16. YES YES YES!!! An Obama supporter, finally!! I've been kicked off of way too many conservative bitches blogs cuz they don't like hearing the truth about Barack!! NOV. 4th, finally a new beginning for our great USA!! OBAMA/BIDEN 08

  17. Oooo I need to try that Vampire Kiss tonight!

  18. Thank for chiecking on me! just got side tracked with reading books and bedtime! The usual. Next time I will actually join in on the fun for more than a few minutes!!!

  19. Hey! Thanks for inviting me! I was a little occupado last night, but please fill me in when you're having another GNO. =)

  20. Hi Ann--I'm sorry,I totally spaced out on GNO!! I fell asleep--what a loser I am!

  21. NOT a LOSER!
    Your a mother! (It's hard to find a moment of fun sometimes.)

  22. Vampire kisses for everyone at our Twilight party on the 21st!

    Thanks for blogsurfing your way from Oregon to Ohio. Boy, I bet you were tired!

    Wish I could stay up and party longer, but it's been a long day. And there's no rum in the house. I'm gonna have to settle for some wine and some popcorn...hmmm, what a combination. Probly have crazy sexy Zac Effron dreams, since I watched HSM3 today with my 8-year old daughter.

    Yep, off to rob the cradle...

  23. Yes you can, but only because you're a democrat. =)

  24. Ok...back for night 2! Ann, you rock! I just posted some halloweenish pics over at my blog...I was inspired by Breaking Dawn for one of them! Cheers!

  25. That drink sounds fantastic! I love rum. I live on Bacardi's Bahama Mamas ya know.

  26. I have the belief that you can never have to much rum around. I would feel like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribean "But why is all the rum gone?" :(

  27. Jenn, there is a good reason why "Rum" rhymes with "yum".
    YUM!!!! :->

  28. Yum! The Vampire Kisses sound fab. I love Ron Howard so on my way to check him out

  29. Oh wow virtual GNO - what a great idea - next time I'll be here early before all the Vampire Kisses are gone....yum alright! Thanks for dropping by though to my part of the world!!!

  30. great blog some how i found you when i was looking for stuff on our son and his birth defect on esophageal atresia such a great blog site you have i wish you all the best.

  31. Vampire Kiss... that sounds great.

  32. Thanks for visiting my new blog. Virtual G.N.O looks like fun, I'll join in next time since most Friday nights I am just waiting for my teenager to get home. I'll be back.

  33. Oh poor kid! I had something like that happen when I had chicken pox, only I felt like I was made out of Legos...

  34. Hi there Ann,

    Thanks so much for the name check in your post. The image of McCain and his VP cavorting is sorta hypnotic, isnt it? Have a great Halloween!


  35. A vampire kiss sounds good on so many levels... mmmmmm....Edward.

  36. Hi just hopping over from Jenni's, looks like I got here on her heels too. Congrats on all your awards!


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