I Need To Vent: About Last Night -- (And A Vacuum Give-Away)

Let me set the scene.
We had a school fundraiser at a restaurant last night. It's a restaurant/pub owned by the McMenamin Brothers and their spaces are popular in our part of the world. (They take old buildings, renovate them and turn them into cool pubs/movie theatres/hotels. Nice!)
So here we are, adults and children, hanging out in the patio dining area having a good time. (Well, it is a little stressful because the children want to run around and play.) This is the 3rd year that our school has had a fundraiser here and the wait staff must lose a bet to get this shift. I feel so-o-o sorry for them.
So, every parent is doing their best to watch their kids and remind them to be careful, stop picking the flowers, no running ("A basic nightmare" according to my husband.) My 2 girls are doing pretty well I think. I'm sitting at a table full of parent/friends and we're all watching each others children. Everythings hunky-dory.
All of a sudden one of the children comes to me to tell me my 7 year old is crying in a corner. I go find my Lily and she is in hysterics. My little girl wearing her special party dress and tiara is bawling and I can't get her to tell me what happened!
Her sweet little friend filled me in. It seems a parent came upon a situation where she felt her son was being played with too hard and this parent shook her finger in my daughters face and yelled at her to start acting the way she was dressed. "You should behave like the princess you're dressed as." (As quoted from a 7 year old.)
This little friend told me that Lily wasn't doing anything and was just standing by when this parent came up to her and said this.
I won't tolerate bullying from children, don't get me wrong. If my child is being hurt in any way I'm a MommaBear. However... I will not rage on a child. I will go to the parent of the child and make them aware of what's going on. Probably with that child in tow.
How DARE this woman! And the thing is I don't know her! I'm incredibly involved in this school and I don't know this woman. So I spent the rest of the evening a.) trying to calm my daughter down so she will stay with her friends and play so the evening can be a fun memory for her and b.) trying to calm myself down so I can find this woman and have a WORD with her.
Can you imagine yelling at a 7 year old girl whose wearing a tiara holding a fistful of flowers? At a school fundraiser?!? Why-oh-why didn't this woman come to me?!?
I just don't get people.

And (how's this for a segue?!) I have a way to work out some of this tension. I'm going to try to vacuum my house with my stupid, doesn't-work-very well, vacuum. I haven't had a good vacuum cleaner in years and Mama's Losin' It is having a contest for a brand-spankin' new Hoover. Go see how pretty it is! And if you enter, good luck to ya'! (Honestly ;-> )

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  1. Poor Lily!
    Gosh, I support you in your Momma Bear mode. This grown up should have either talked to you, or GENTLY told Lily -- or whomever -- to be a bit more nice or whatever the situation was. I just cannot imagine your daughter doing anything wrong/rough/bad to another child. The parent must have been mistaken with what they saw. And it that parent was aware that Lily was so upset, she should have apologized to Lily.

  2. Oh Ann...what a nightmare! I do not like (I am saying this nicely) other parent's disciplining my kids if I am in the same place. Come find me! Bring me my child and let me do the dirty work. Also, I need the details...all kids involved...bring on the discussion so we can figure out the who's who and what's what. Just know you did the right thing by staying calm (so hard, right!). This woman is clueless and who knows what is going on her life to lambaste your child. Deep breaths Ann...deep deep breaths!

  3. Ann---UGH!!!! I'd lose my cool if I knew who the parent was. How dare she do that? It's scary for a child to be disciplined by a stranger.

    My kids were with me at the doctor's one day. They both got up to get a cup of water at the water dispenser. Quietly and politely they came back to sit with me. An older woman to the side of me said in my daughter's face(7) "Why can't you just sit down and not use up the water meant for adults".

    Little Mya started crying. She'd done nothing wrong....

    I turned to the woman and said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, why don't you just keep your mouth shut."

    Couldn't believe I said it but I hate it when people are obnoxious.

  4. Poor Lily, that's horrible what that woman did. I've been having a touch week of putting my feelings in check because of something my older sons soccer coach did/said. I've been pissed since Sat. and I can't talk to him about it (the coach) until tomorrow night. I've been losing sleep over it but I'm so mad.
    This mom should have come over and talked to you. Your poor daughter. http://spiceworld.us

  5. OMG the nerve of that woman, could you imagine doing that to someone else's child? I'm so sorry for you and for Lily! *mama bear hugs*

    That just makes me so sick in my heart for Lily!! GRR!

  6. OMG! Poor Lily! I hope you do find that mother and maybe you should tell her (with a shaking finger in her face) tell her that she should act like the mother she pretends to be and her boy needs to be a boy! Oh I am mad just thinking about it!

  7. That's it. I'm booking my flight right now to fly up to help you find this woman and DEAL WITH HER. Who does that??? The princess crown and the flowers make me want to cry. Poor Lily!

  8. I am sending a link so you can view my inner Momma Bear. Hope it makes you smile!! Feel free to print it out and wave it in the faces of mean Moms who feel the need to discipline small children that are not their own by wagging their fingers in their faces. Grrrrrr!!!


  9. IMHO the situation was a pressure cooker for parents: fundraiser with parents and kids in an enclosed area other than school. Way too stressful for everyone; ugly happens.
    Non the less - the parent needed a swift kick in the ass. There is no need for a parent to act worse than (their) children in any situation.

  10. well that parent isn't very smart if she has to resort to talking to your daughter instead of you. it's obvious that both she and her son are wimps. i would never say that to her about her kid, but if my kids were crying because of some grown up (as in your situation), it would not be a pretty sight. i can get confrontational. LOL

    this whole thing is getting me riled up now!

  11. I appreciate you all. I really needed to hear from you!
    It's so nice to know I'm not alone.

  12. What the...!?! How dare she!! Your poor baby! Did you end up talking to the woman? I hope so. OMG--the thought of your daughter crying in her princess dress and tiara makes me so mad!!

    I'm really sorry that happened and good luck with the vacuum cleaner!

  13. So did you find her?

    I would have been livid.

    So sorry your girl was so upset.

  14. Oh you must have wanted to shake someone! Grrrrr! Poor Lily!


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