The Dress

I bought this dress you see.
It's just perfect for hot summer days. It's light weight, what you would call a 'Slip Dress'. Cute little roses patterned all over. Spaghetti straps and lace trim. I plan to wear the dress to a big party, a bar-b-que. Lot's of people and lots of activities for the children and the adults.
I zip up and head to the party. It's a hot day. The kids are excited, we're excited. (And I have a cute dress on, yeah!)
We park the car and, while the girls run to play, my husband and I take blankets and chairs out of the van. I reach for a chair and I suddenly feel a freedom. My left shoulder isn't as confined as it was a second ago. Hmmm.
I stand up to carry the chairs and that's when I see my left strap dangling in front of me.
I look at my husband with fear in my eyes and try to figure out what to do!
(MacGyver! Where are you?!?)
My 10 year old comes over to see what is taking us so long and offers up a great idea. She sees that under the bodice of the dress there is a ribbon that makes a nice bow. Why not use part of the ribbon to tie the straps together?
Great idea!
So I undo the pretty bow, cut some length off, and my husband mends my strap.
O.K. team! On we go!
We have a great time watching the kids in a hula-hoop contest and a limbo contest.
We can't seem to pull them away for the food, but no big deal. Hubby and I load up our plates and go have a seat.
The other strap goes.
Time to cut off more ribbon.
So with bar-b-que fingers my husband mends me again. And I am forever grateful.
(I'm trying not to lose my cool, but damn! What the hell?!?)
The girls make their way over to eat something and while I'm reaching over to set-up their space another part of the strap, a part that I wasn't even aware of having a fastener, snaps and goes flying!
I finally realize that half of my boob is hanging out and quickly grab my chest while my husband goes for the scissors to again, cut another piece of ribbon from the ever disappearing nice little bow on the front of my crappy, yet cute, little summer dress.
Yes, the girls had a great time. And yes, the food was great.
But next time, if there is a next time, I'm wearing armor.

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  1. Well, it doesn't sound like a boring day! However, armor doesn't sound like such a bad idea. :)

  2. Oh I would soo be taking that cute little dress back!

  3. Oh my.....this happened to my niece AT PROM. She will never forget...and I don't think her date will either!

    Good for you for 'going with the flow!"

  4. >I suddenly feel a freedom.

    >>Omg! That is a mortifying line one should NEVER feel at a BBQ...especially if they're in a hot dress! Thank gawd for hubby to the MacGyver rescue. Score!

  5. That’s a major wardrobe malfunction! You poor thing!

  6. Way to be inventive. I probably would have thrown a huge fit and gone home. Sounds like you (and the straps) will be flying off to return the dress!!

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  8. What a bummer! I totally get the whole cute dress thing...nothing better! I hope you kept the receipt! If that happened to me I would march in that store and demand a refund!

  9. That is sooooo frustrating. I'm impressed that the little bow saved the day...three times. Man...that bow deserves a medal.

  10. Wow .. if that was me everyone would be splattered with bbq sauce. Just no way a little bow would help me.

  11. I think you found a new family business...dress makers. What do ya think?

  12. He he he!! Too funny - that is totally something that would happen to me!!


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