Happy St. Patrick's Day! - The High Kings

The High Kings!
If it's not in your blood, it just might be when you've finished listening to these gentlemen.

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  1. Thanks for stopping my blog. I see that you have The Kooks on your last.fm list. I love (lurve) them and can't wait to see them in concert in a few months.

  2. Hi Ann,

    To answer you politics question: my circle doesnt really have a thought either way on who will win. I, on the other had, am paying alot of attention to who you elect - first time ever. I was hoping that Ron Paul would have some kind of influence, what he says on economics and political issues trumps any kooky positions for me. He REALLY knows his stuff, end of story. As the US President is the third most important politician in my country, I just PRAY that McCain does not win, he will mess up the world and your country more than GWB has been doing. Trouble is, you get the impression Clinton is a real stubborn woman who will do anything to get elected. End result: the Dems slug it out and McCain wins? I really hope not....



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