Tracking Your Steps

Now that the girls are back in school I took Benny for a walk, alone. (Or, rather he took me.)

It's so funny to walk with this dog.

It reminds me of holding a childs hand at a fair. They pull you saying "Come on!" Then, when they're tired, they walk so slo-o-owly while whining "I want to go home". Benny pulls me down the street at first. But on the way home he's at my side, nipping at my hand with he's sloppy mouth, reminding me that he's tired and thirsty.

Ah, kids.

Well, I've found a website that has a great enviromental community and a fun way to track your walking time. (It shows how long you walk equals so many miles, and lots of fun facts.) Lime.com. http://www.lime.com/community

Try it out!

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  1. Testing testing 123! xoxo Coloooo

  2. How cool! I've started tracking.


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