My Biggest Regret In High School - Care To Share Yours?

Ah yes... I remember it well... unfortunately  (~~~~trip back to 1980~~~~)

High School. To paraphrase Dickens, "It was the best of times, it was the most-hair-style-challenged of times".  I remember a picture taken of me leaving for my first day of High School. I'm wearing a brave smile, but the hair, the hair, my hair style was a nightmare. My two best friends and I were going to be attending a High School out of our district, that was stressful enough. To add to this new-ness we wanted new looks as well since this school was known for the preppiness that was sweeping the John Hughes lovin' nation. 

"K." was going to sport the Argyle and Alligator shirt look. "W." was going for 'All Monogrammed, All The Time" and I was going to ditch the bell-bottoms, wear Levi's and have the hairstyle of my dreams.  I have straight, thick hair and had always wanted curly hair. When I would see girls with curly hair they always seemed so artistic, so worldly. I wanted to be those things too!

My mom had been perming her hair for years so she called her hair stylist. The only appointment available was the day before the first day of school. I took it. I had to have my new hair to go with my new life! My best friends went with me. We were all excited. 

During the process I had an inkling that there might be a problem when the hair stylist began to run low on perm rods. However, my friends and I were so busy talking, and laughing that I didn't give it another thought.

At the end of my transformation the hair stylist took out all of the rods, put on her finishing touches of spritz and fluff, then turned me to face myself in the mirror. I was stunned. We were all stunned. The hair stylist in a good way, my friends and I, not so much. What... exactly... happened to my hair?! My hair had transformed from looking straight and long to, well, a big pile of curly poo!!! There was an upside-down triangle of curls on the top of my head.
What I'm sure I looked like in my "First day as a Freshman" picture on my porch. I'm not kidding.

I cried on my friends shoulders all the way home. I cried at the dinner table. I cried on the couch. I cried in bed.

I don't know how I got over myself and made it to school the next day. But I did. And I learned a valuable lesson that I can now pass on to my two girls. When wanting to make a big change, start with clothing. At least that you can return.

Do you have any fashion/hair disaster(s) from high school?  Please share in the comments below!

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Pros and Cons of Gutter Guards

Contractor Installing a Gutter Guard

Guest Post

Carrying out maintenance and cleaning your gutters is a seasonal activity for most people, depending on where you live and how much foliage you have around. And this is important for the life of your home, as your gutters collect and channel water away from your roof, home, and it's foundation.

However, because most gutters are just open to the air and have no coverings, they tend to become home to rodents, and insects, as well as act as a collection plate of sorts for dead leaves, twigs, and other debris.

Even if you've never had to deal with removing the remains of a dead animal stuck in your roof, you might have encountered a surprised snake or other undesired guest.

Enter: gutter guards, in the form of inserts, reverse curves, or screens.

While your choice will depend on your needs, there are some general pros and cons to installing guards on your gutter system. If you’re thinking of investing but are unsure, we aim to help you better understand the choice you are about to make for your home.

Pros of Gutter Guards

Gutter guards act as screens against debris, preventing the pile-up of debris in the gutters. This is important because excess debris can put considerable weight on the gutter, resulting in weaker joints, soffit, and even fascia. There’s also the issue of the debris becoming home to reptiles and rodents. This is particularly important if you reside in a place where you have lots of reptiles and foliage. Open gutters are attractive places to make a home for a variety of species of flora and fauna.

Having a gutter guard in place will, first and foremost, protect your gutters from these sorts of things and allow a clear channel for water to flow away from your home. This open channel is critical to the function of your gutters, as the weight of trapped water or ice can become extreme. Prolonged exposure and stagnation can cause corrosion and wear out seams, even cause the system to fail entirely. This ultimately leads to costly repairs.

Cons of Gutter Guards

While gutter guards are amazing and capable of eliminating the bulk of your debris, the reality is that they won't stop everything. Depending on the type of guard used, there will usually be some debris that can still become trapped or build up. For instance, screens left for too long will end up trapping larger sized debris, while inserts may allow smaller debris to accumulate.

Installation of another part on top of your gutter system can also provide its own challenges. The easiest gutter guard you can install is the insert. Screen and reverse curves are often more technical and time-consuming operations, often requiring more labor -- particularly in the case of reverse curves.

Bringing it Home

The specific solution that works best for your home is going to depend on your roofline, the surrounding foliage, and the weather patterns in your area. The reality is that the design of your gutter systems, and any guards designed to assist them, needs to be tailored to the kind of punishment it's going to see. You'll never be able to forget about seasonal gutter cleaning, contrary to any claims you might hear to the contrary. But if you pick the right system and guard for your home, you can cut down on maintenance and repairs considerably -- and better protect your home, and your foundation, from the elements. If you’re not sure which works for you, check with The Gutter Experts and get their advice on what system will protect your investment for the life of your home.

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Because This Has Gone Far Enough! Trump = Hate

The fact that Donald Trump is received with cheers makes me shudder. The words that he says make my jaw drop and my heart hurt. He's an evil man sharing evil views and ideas. Does he honestly, truly believes all he says? Regardless, he is creating a horrible path for America.

Donald #Trump and Pink Floyd's The Wall mashup is everything you dreamed it could be.Video by TheBlueOfTheDjinn aka Usama Alshaibi
Posted by IRBF on Sunday, March 6, 2016

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How To Use Makeup To Help You Look Younger

Someday's we are just not feeling energized, our 'get-up-and-go' of youth is a memory.  When you look in the mirror and see an older version of yourself this is the time when makeup, applied the correct way, can make you look young, well-rested and drop dead gorgeous. I've gathered a few tips just for this occasion. Below you will find a short list of these tricks that will create a fresh look instantly. Enjoy! 

So let’s begin with your water line. All you need to do when you are trying to achieve a younger and fresher look is to white out the inner corner of your eyes. Since white reflects light, it instantly creates a more open and more vivid look. You will inevitably start looking younger and, in fact, your eyes will look bigger and wider as well. These are the features of a youthful look.

Another place where you should apply a lighter makeup palate to create a younger look is under your eyebrows. When you lighten under your brow you create a similar illusion as you do when whiting out the inner corner of your eyes. The light color will accentuate your eyes and make them look more wide and awake.

As you might notice, trying to create a younger look is all about a lighter makeup palate. That also applies when you are choosing a foundation. For the fresher look, you should always apply a sheer and light foundation. The darker foundation creates that unwanted mask look will make your face look darker and fake. With just a thin layer of light foundation this creates a very airy and easy look that appears to take a few years off your face and gives the appearance off a few hours of good night’s sleep.

Have you ever noticed that women who wear dark color lipsticks look slightly a bit older than they are? Well, many makeup professionals agree that women who are fighting against time and want to look fresh and well-rested should stay away from dark lipsticks for sure. In your case, you should choose either a very light or close to your natural lips shade lipstick or lipgloss. Also, you will always be on point with a nude lipstick that is appropriate for the office or even for a night out. With light lipstick or gloss, you will be amazed how much younger you look. 

Finally, applying eyeliner and mascara on top of your eyelids will achieve a fresh look better than anything else. If you choose to use liner on the bottom of your eyes as well, you are enhancing an area that is the first place on your face that indicates lack of rest, which adds to the appearance of age – big mistake. It's better to focus on the top of your eye lid, apply liner and mascara to the top lid, bringing the focus up.

I would like to take some time and recommend you to visit Nordstrom‘s makeup section. There are many great makeup products there that can help you achieve any look you wish for easily. And since there are these Nordstrom online coupons I just discovered, you will be able to afford even the priciest products at a friendlier price. Enjoy!   

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