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Tuesday Truth - When I Open My Mouth My Mom Comes Out

Tuesday Truth - Ann Again and again - When I Open My Mouth My Mom Comes Out

For this week's "Tuesday Truth" I have a delightful Guest Post from Dominique at My Work At Home World:

Yesterday, I snuck outside for a cigarette while the little ones were napping (Yes, Dad, I'm quitting.) and as my boyfriend and I are standing on the front porch, a young boy comes tearing down the street in a sports car.  I find myself shaking my fist and saying "Got Dang Kids".  Which then lead to the realization (that's happening more and more lately) that I'm turning into my mom.

It's not a bad thing.  I love my mom to death.  She is an amazingly patient, nice, sweet lady who has been my rock forever.  She's just... um.. not hip (Love you Mom! I swear I wasn't going to say old! lol.) and I'm only 26.  Surely you don't turn into your mother before 30, right?!   

It got me to thinking...  Have I really made that transition from "cool, young person" to *gasp* my mom? Well, let's see.  I'm in bed by 9 most nights, any later and I'm barely able to function with a smile the next day.  If someone calls me at 11 pm, I'm flabbergasted as to how they are going to even wake up the next day.  Not to mention, I'm also now mad because they just woke me up and probably my 3 month old, as well.  I am always picking up after 2 kids (3, when you count the boyfriend).  I'm constantly repeating myself, "Watch where you're going.", "Don't touch that.", "Make better decisions."  When I get time to myself, I just want to sit and relax or take a nap.  Yup, I'm my mom.

It's funny how that transition takes place.  You almost don't even realize it, until it's too late.  One day, you're listening to music too loud, racing down a neighborhood street and the next day, you're the one shaking your head when you hear music blasting as a kid's riding down your street.  Boom.  You're your mom.  

Even looking back, I couldn't tell you when it happened exactly.  I have 2 kids now, an 18 month old and a 3 month old.  I know the transition started when I got pregnant with my first kid, my son.  Everything my mom had told me in the past started to make sense.  I started to understand where she was coming from, why she said the things she did.  Then somewhere around the time I was pregnant with my daughter, I began repeating what my mom had told me to my son, began "nagging" about picking up after yourself, etc.  

 I wouldn't change it for anything.  Having this little family changed my life in the most amazing, wonderful way.  But, I have to tell you.  It's still really weird to open my mouth and have my mother come out.

***Oh man.  Do I know this feeling! I'm sure, if you're a parent, you can relate to Dominique's experience.  In what ways are you like your mother?  Thank you Dominique!  You can read more about Dominique and her sweet family at My Work At Home World.

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