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My name is Ann Harrison and I am the Owner and Writer of Ann Again... and again.  I live in Portland, OR and have been blogging since 2008 with the prompting of my lovely mother who thought the silly stories of our family life should be shared with those who were ready for a good laugh.  My blog title came from the fact that I don't seem to share all the information I intend with one phone call, so you'll probably receive a second call from me stating "It's Ann, again."  Also, there's always more to the story, right?

E-Mail:  annharrison@comcast.net
Rob ~ Lily ~ Katie ~ me

I'm married to the wonderful and talented Rob Harrison, computer tech. by day, actor by night. (Story of our beginning "My Story and A Song - Romeo & Juliet") Together we have two beautiful daughters, Katie - age 17 and Lily - age 14. 

Our little house is also filled with a parakeet and a sweet cat that adopted our family, Sam. He got his name from eating 2 cans of food at a time when he first found us. Hence, Two-can (Toucan) Sam.

I share our life experiences, highs and lows, funny and sometimes not, with you on my site Ann Again... and again.  Connecting is something I love to do, and I welcome your comments.  We're all in this together and community can keep us all afloat.

Beginning in 2008 I started the Virtual Girls Night Out.  A Friday night "virtual" blog hopping party filled with music, cocktails and games.  Soon followed the Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project that took a little rock from the shores of the Oregon Coast to visit bloggers all over the globe.  Over the years my blog has expanded to include sharing the thoughts of fellow bloggers through Guest Posting.  This is a terrific way to broaden our community. If you would like to be featured on my blog, Ann Again... and again please e-mail me:  annharrison@comcast.net

I also host giveaways, and provide information on products I think will benefit my lovely readers, on my partner site Ann Again... and again Reviews.

(*Showcase of past collaborations and more info. click: Media Kit ) Health/beauty products, foods and good deals.  If you have a product that you would like me to feature on my partner site, Ann Again... and again Reviews, please send your inquiry to:  annharrison@comcast.net.  I accept advertising on both of my sites, a Rate Sheet is available by sending requests to:  annharrison@comcast.net

Thank you so much for visiting me! I look forward to connecting with you!

~Ann Harrison


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    I have nominated your blog for the Liebster award. Please visit this link for directions. http://5littlemonkeys.me. Please follow the directions and pay the kindness forward.
    Happy Holidays,

    1. Thank you so much! Sorry to be so late with my reply. I'll get right on this!


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