New Year New Focus - Join Me!

I am joyful for a new year.  

Art courtesy of Mary Engelbreit

My hope is to get back to doing something I enjoy - writing.  My direction will need to change however.  I began writing this blog 8 years ago to share stories of my young children.  Well, my "young" children turned 17 and 14 years old in December and I'm sure fellow parents of teenagers (or just those of us that remember the emotions of being a teenager)  understand that they are not fond of having most of their stories shared.  I get it.

With a new year comes a new awareness, a different focus.  And, hopefully, a greater connection to those in the blog-o-sphere.  Through a Facebook group I belong to I found a delightful group whose objective is to grow your blog in the areas of influence and community.  With regard to influence, I'm not sure how my thoughts/writing will fit with that description but I'm all for community, finding my new voice and seeing what I can create in 2015.  If you would like to take part in New Year,New Blog with me please click here

Happy New Year!!!

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