Do You Like Wordpress? Please Tell Me Why!

Do You Like Wordpress?  Please Tell Me Why! - Ann Again and again
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A year ago I made the decision to take my review blog from Blogger to Wordpress.  I chose to make this move because I had read so many testimonials about the benefits of having a Wordpress site, most were saying that PR firms took you more seriously, that more opportunities came your way, that you could make more money using Wordpress.  Well, that sounded like a plan to me so I made the move.  And it's been a flippin' pain ever since!

I've received support in Wordpress help forums but I quickly discovered that WP is more for technical brains.  I do not have one of those.  Well, I've had some fun adding code to my Blogger site (where we are now :-> ), giving myself the false impression that I know what I'm doing.  But adding a gadget that will hold HTML code is where my knowledge ends.  Thankfully I've finally found someone at my web host that gets me! She's speaking in a language that I understand (um, well, most of the time.)  This just might work out after all!

I've discovered that the child theme (i.e. Design) I chose for my review blog has a history of not being compatible with most plugins.  I really, really, really wish the person(s?) I worked with in converting my blog had told me that.  There must be a group of themes that are fairly conflict free.  I mean, come on.  I chose the Genesis theme with my child theme called - ugh I hate the name! - Pretty Young Thing.  (Give me a break. Who gave it this title?  Gross.)

If you're on Wordpress.org and use the Genesis theme for your blog which child theme(s) have you found to work best?  Take my advice, don't use child theme Pretty Young Thing.

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  1. I feel your pain! I moved from Wordpress to Blogger and much prefer the latter platform. But I have a domain so I guess you can't tell my blog is on Blogspot in that way.


    1. I'm currently working with someone at GoDaddy that is very patient with my troubles and is giving me positive guidance. However, Blogger is SO much easier and I'd recommend that to those that just want to write and share. Leave WP to those that love coding and learning the technical part of creating a blog/website.

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