When Was The Last Time You Said Something Nice?

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When was the last time you said something nice... about yourself?

There are things that I have done that have me shaking my head and wondering if I was possessed at the time.  There's no WAY I would behave like that?  Nope. Not me.  

Well, the truth is I did behave that way, or say those things, or whatever that has me incredibly grateful that cell. phones weren't around!  Now, my idea of what's bad may seem incredibly tame to others but that's not the point.  There are times when a memory will flash through my mind and I just think, 'What the hell?'  and I get mad at myself for being so stupid.  I need to stop that.

It's time for me to replace my feelings of stupidity and embarrassment with the question 'What was I learning?'  (The first answer, obviously - don't do that again! ;-> )

Do you put yourself down for things you've done?  Do you beat yourself up when your choices turn out to be the wrong way to go?

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