Oops! I Did It Again

Oops! I Did It Again - Ann Again and again

I'm participating in Mama Kat's (pretty much world famous) Writer's Workshop.

My chosen prompt:  Something that is a challenge for you.

My memory.

I've discovered that what they say about your memory during menopause is true - your brain decides to go elsewhere when you are trying to recall a name, a detail, or directions.   It's almost like having "mommy brain" again only you don't get as much sympathy, you don't have little children crawling on you as excuses for your lack of brain function, just hot flashes and blank stares.  Not as cute.

While watching CBS Sunday Morning with my husband Rob there was a segment on people in the Entertainment industry that had passed in 2013.  One of my favorite channels is Turner Classic Movies and on the screen was a photo of Joan Fontaine.   When she passed in December TCM honored her by featuring her movies (have you seen "Rebecca"?  Wow!  If you haven't seen it, you should!) and sharing more about her personal life.

I learned that her sister is Olivia de Havilland - ("Melanie" from Gone With The Wind among many other movies).  I wanted to tell Rob about this little bit of info. when another celebrity's photo was placed on the screen, Paul Walker. ("The Fast and The Furious" fame).  That put my mind onto some information I learned about him.  Paul Walker was the founder of  humanitarian aid team Reach Out World Wide - an organization that provides aid to the 2010 earthquake victims in Haiti.  He acquired the funds to provide planes for medical staff to reach the victims, and provide medicine and food for the victims.  This is amazing stuff!

Paul Walker's picture goes away and I turn to Rob and say 'So, about um...' and I blank on his name.  *blink* blink*  I quickly decide to jump to what I learned about Joan Fontaine - or was it Lana Turner? - to cover my tracks.  Yes, it was Joan Fontaine.  OK.  I start telling Rob who her sister is, she was in Gone With The Wind.  Or, was it Wizard of Oz?  I'm so flustered because I'm also trying like hell to remember that guys name who's done this amazing thing for the victims of Haiti.  Or, it is Japan?

For crying out loud!!!

A hot flash comes and goes and Rob has returned to watching the program because all I can do now is say 'Let me Google it and get back to you.'  He smiles and nods.


I'm kickin' up my mental games on Lumosity.com and increasing my Omega-3's.   And continue to be grateful for a patient husband.

How about you?  How's your memory doin' these days?  Do tell!  And, share it with us over at Mama Kat's (pretty much world famous) Writer's Workshop :->

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  1. I am not TOTALLY convinced that it just age. I know in my case my memory issues are sometimes caused by too many things going in and out at the same time. There are days that I feel like I am the memory back for every one around me... my mother, my daughter, my boss and co-workers. My network just gets congested! I do make sure I get my daily dose of Words wit Friends and Omega 3s though!

  2. You are a Rock Star Martha and I'm sure if you forget anything it just wasn't that important. Having to guide all of those around you really works the brain. You do it beautifully.

  3. Hormones and diet can definitely play a part in helping/hindering memory. I know pregnancy hormones make me forget words (was asking my husband "what's that tilted rectangle called?" -- a parallelogram, of course). And sleep deprivation...don't forget that!

    An overworked brain can't function. Rest is crucial...

    1. I completely agree about getting enough rest.

  4. Ok I'm very curious about Lumosity. I've seen ads for it, but haven't explored it yet. Please tell me more!!

    1. I downloaded the Lumosity app (I think it was free. Oh geez! I don't remember if it's free or .99 ;-p ). You fill out a questionnaire of areas you would like to improve upon regarding your brain function and every day you are given 3 games that are engineered to help in those areas. It's fun! Give it a try.

    2. Thanks for the info on Lumosity! My memory is horrible - my youngest is 2...can I still blame it on Mommy Brain? Either way, every little bit helps!


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