I Have A Crazy Idea For A Neck Pillow

I have a crazy idea for a neck pillow - Ann Again and again

Last night I had a dream -

Snow had been falling for hours and when it stopped I went outside for a walk.  All around me I saw squirrel's coupling up and kissing.  They would stand on their hind legs, put their front "arms" around each other and have a little smooch with their little lips.  Down the street I walked and more and more squirrels were kissing.  Kissing squirrels!  All over the place!

I sat down in the snow and animals started coming near me, sitting on my lap, resting on my arm, snuggling.  Bluejays, chickadees and those darn kissing squirrels.  I soon felt a soft, furry coziness happening around my neck and I kept thinking 'I should be talking a picture!  Why isn't anyone around to take a picture?!'  I felt like a Disney princess with my gathering of forest creatures.  I kept waiting for a song.

Being curious about this furry creature around my neck, I slowly looked to my right shoulder to see a fluffy tail, a black tail with a big white stripe .  Oh-h-h-hhhh No-o-o-o-oooo.  Skunk!  In my creature feature dream I very slowly placed the bluejay on the ground, nudged the squirrels off my lap reached behind me to find the skunk and place it on the ground. And awa-a-a-ay I went.

I'm trying to figure this out.  Why would I have a dream where I'm using a skunk as a neck pillow?   A skunk?!   And what's with all this tiny-lipped squirrels?  Who can decipher this message for me?

What crazy dreams have you had lately?

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  1. I had a particularly vivid dream the other night. I was on an island (think Lost). There were some other people besides my group (also like Lost). Except laying eyes on these others would cause people to be so overcome with fear that they would kill themselves to get away. For some reason I was immune and I learned that if a person could overcome their initial fear, they would be okay. It became my job to help the other people in my own group to meet these other people and help them not fight their panic. I never did figure out what made them so terrifying, but they didn't intend harm.

    1. I find a strong message in your dream Sarah. Does it makes sense to an issue/issues your dealing with? Thank you for sharing!


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