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Pulled a Miss Emily Litella* moment this morning.  

While renewing our dogs license on-line I see a payment category for "Altered" and a payment category for "Senior Altered" with the Senior amount being less.  Hmm? I wonder.  At what age does a dog become a Senior?  I look it up and see it begins around 7 years old for Labs.  Alrighty then!  I scroll to the bottom of the page to pay to find the direction:

*Senior license fees are for persons 65 or older (not for senior animals).

This is when I go into full Emily Litella mode.  'What?'  I say out loud. 'Why in the world would a Senior Citizen need to have a license to own a pet?  I mean, when did this start?'

'Or, why do Senior Citizens have to come to this website to get a special license?  What??  How in the world would they know to come to a county pet licensing site to get their license?'  

Oh Ann.  Have another cup of coffee.

I did finally come around to understand that Senior Citizen's receive a discount on their pet licensing fees not senior dogs.  Ahem.  

I wish I could blame my line of reasoning on middle age but, no.   This is me.  


Where My Mind Goes - Ann Again and again - Gilda Radner Miss Emily Litella
(*For you youngin's out there click this link to see the character Emily Litella created by Gilda Radner from the original SNL cast.)

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