New Talent - #WordlessWednesday

Our newly crowned 13 year old daughter Lily had a Cupcake Wars themed birthday party on Saturday.  Since she's discovered various cooking/baking competition shows she's getting creative in the kitchen.  Last night she wanted to break out her new cupcake baking kit.

When did she get so tall?!?


New Talent - Wordless Wednesday  Ann Again and again

Do your kids like to cook?  Bake?  If they have a favorite recipe, what is it?  Maybe Lily would like to try it out :->

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  1. My boys do like to help me cook and bake.Oldest enjoys helping me make meatballs and baked sweet and sour chicken. Middle son loves making calzones and french toast and the little guy will help with whatever is for dinner. Theres always someone in the kitchen with momma!

  2. Well aren't you lucky! It sounds like you enjoy cooking and I'm sure that has spread to your children. I'm working on getting rid of my anxiety with cooking and reminding myself of something I heard on a favorite show of mine that's showing, again, on the Esquire Network "Why be nervous? You're cooking for people that love you." Ted - Queer Eye For The Straight Guy ;->


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