Good Thing I Didn't Park There!

It was a typical drizzly morning in Portland.  After I took my girls to school Benny, our trusty Chocolate Lab, and I went for a walk through Pier Park:

The wind started to pick-up and the rain drops were becoming louder on the fallen leaves:

Little neglected shack in the park.  Curious.

After a few minutes the sweet sounding raindrops were hitting pretty hard so we took refuge under a pine.  These rain showers usually pass quickly however... after watching leaves streaming from their branches and other dogs and their people high-tailing it out of the park I thought we should follow suit.  Made it back, soaking wet:

Right after I took this picture this fell right behind our van:

Good thing I didn't park there!

And here we are, a couple of hours later, and it looks like this:

Never a dull moment with Portland Fall weather!

Crazy wind - pounding rain - and now the lovely sunshine.  How's your weather? ;->

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