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If it's Thursday it's time to participate in Mama Kat's (pretty much world famous) Writer's Workshop.  

My writing prompt today: Talk About Something Your Child Learned This Week.

My 12 year old daughter Lily was given the gift of being a talented artist.  She is incredible with her pencil and pen drawings, specializing in Manga/Anime styles.  Since she was 10 her talent has really shown and I've offered to sign her up for art classes that I thought would help her talent grow only to be met with the response "No thanks Mom.  Why should I take a class where someone will be trying to change how I draw?  I know what I'm doing."  Um. Well, point taken.

Lily - circa 2013

Lily - circa 2012

This year our public school's were able to have Art Class and she was actually excited about this, which was a surprise.  (What happened to the "No one's gonna teach me how to draw!" mentality?).  She brought out her Art Class sketch book during dinner last night and I felt completely immature for what my eyes were seeing and how hard I was stifling my laugh.  Yes, I may be a mid-Forties momma but, my spirit tends to lean toward that of a 12 year old boy.   Here's her handmade cover:

Yes, those are arrows.  Yes, I know.  However, well, they look like something else to me.


She was so excited to show us that she's learning Perspective and Vanishing Points in the world of drawing:

I am so happy for her that she's now understanding that it's a good thing to learn more about what you love to do.  This could only lead to good things.  (And hopefully, for her mother, sharper arrows.)

If you choose to participate in Mama Kat's (pretty much world famous) Writer's Workshop let me know!  :->

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  1. Cute story! Your daughter's drawings are great - although sharper arrows might work better, LOL.

  2. You should be a proud mama she is a fabulous artist. I love anime. We all have a bit of adolescence in us don't we? That's why I love having kids, they keep me young.

    1. I agree Kelly. Especially since my daughters are 15 and 12. I feel like I'm going through those years all over again!

  3. Yep I'm in this week! I can't believe you went there, rofl.. I hadn't even notice until you pointed it out. ha ha... She's got a talent that is for sure.

    1. I know Pamela! I wish my brain didn't act like that! (At least I'm old enough to stifle and put on the facade of being a mature adult ;-> )


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