Wordless Wednesday - How To Get Your Cat To Smile

I know that our cat Maddy enjoys things.  I mean, I think she does.  One of her favorite things to do is be a model.  

She's been a great model when it comes to showing the latest in patio table covers:
(That's ok.  I didn't want her to smile.)

Embracing the virtue of a cozy nook via grapevine basketry:
(I thought this would make her smile)

Providing commentary on feathery creatures that she would like to get to know better: 
(You attract more bees with honey Maddy.  Show that bird your smile!)

However, by far, my favorite picture of our dear Maddy is this one:

All she wanted was a close-up!  This is how a cat smiles.  

Good job Maddy!  Thank you for always being an excellent model.

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  1. Very cute kitty! Hope that she doesn't wake you up with that smile at 5 in the morning. :)

    1. Oh Suzanne - how did you know?! :-> Over the past 6 months she has become a night singing cat. At least that's how I interpret it. She has plenty of food, plenty of water and cozy places to be however, in her 18th year she has decided to sing over her water dish and, sometimes, right outside our bedroom door - which is open for her. GAH!!! What a crazy cat.


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