Time To Play "7 Random Things" at Tonight's Virtual Girls Night Out!

Ann Again and again the original Virtual Girls Night Out

Booga Booga Booga!  It's almost Halloween, are you ready?  For The Harrison household let's go down the list:
  • Costumes?    Check
  • Decorations?   Check
  • Silly and or Scary Movie viewing?  Check
  • Candy?  
  • Candy?
  • Um, hello.  Candy?
No!  I haven't bought any candy yet.  I've learned my lesson from years past not to store bags of Halloween candy in our cupboards, even though the price was low and it would be more expensive the closer to October 31st.  You know why?  We always end up just wanting one, or two (or more) little bars of candy late at night, finish the bags then buy more candy later. Packing on the pounds because those darn 100 Grand bars are too hard to resist!  I'm going to distract myself from going to the store right now and immerse myself in our Friday night party, the original Virtual Girls Night Out!  Join me!

To participate In The Virtual GNO:  Enjoy this post! ;-> For our weekly Friday night blog party all you need to make this party complete is a beverage of your choice (cocktail recipe below for inspiration) and your fuzzy slippers! If you choose to participate with the meme and/or leave your blog link for guests to visit you that would be oh-so-nice! I started this blog party in 2008 and bloggers have been virtually partying ever since.  Visit your fellow party guests - say "Happy VGNO!!!"  Share the blog game/meme/question on your site to play along. 

Time For Some Tunes!

A DJ from Denmark walks into a bar.  Oh wait...  This isn't a joke.  Avicii really is a DJ from Denmark!

Avicii "Wake Me Up"

(This video looks like a strange Ralph Lauren ad.  This is my girls favorite song - as of today ;-> )

Time For A Cocktail!

Are you looking for costume inspiration?  Perhaps go as The Dude from The Big Lebowski - be sure and bring this drink with you!

1 cup vodka
1/2 cup Baileys Irish Cream
1 cup half and half
1/8 teaspoons nutmeg
Add vodka, Baileys Irish Cream and half and half to a cocktail shaker with ice. (Depending on the size of cocktail shaker, you may have to work in batches). Shake for 30 seconds.
Pour into 4 chilled martini glasses and garnish each with a sprinkle of nutmeg.

And here's a delicious spin on having your cocktail and eating it too!  Cakes Under The Influence.  These are clever kits put together to help you create delicious treats... for adults only ;->.   Here's what is included in the Friends and Family Kit:

(Friends & Family Kit: 1 Cake Mix, 6 baking dishes, 6 silicone molds to adapt your muffin pan, 12 baking liners and 12 serving dishes)

Tonight I'll be making White Russian Cupcakes with the help of Cakes Under The Influence. (My full product review will be on my review site Ann Again and again Reviews.)  And here's a terrific way to try the cake mix flavors offered at Cakes Under The Influence - From now until October 31st you can order their Halloween Treat Special (2 portion pouch) for only $1.11!  And no shipping and handling!  You can order up to 3 pouches - visit www.cakesundertheinfluence.com and order your mixes today.  

Time For A Party Game!

I was asked to share, so here you are - 

7 Random & Weird Facts About Me:

1. I can't breathe around manila envelopes. I just can't!
2. I HATE the feeling of Popsicle sticks on my teeth, so I never finish a Popsicle
3. I prefer to have a candle lit in my house. Anywhere, any time. It makes me happy!
4. I HATE a dirty floor. Walking around barefoot and stepping on crumbs! YUCK!
5. I could listen to New Age music all day
6. I HATE fluorescent lighting in stores
7. I love white food.

It's your turn!  On your blog list 7 Random and/or Weird Facts about you.  Can't wait to read them!

Cheers party pals.  I hope you have a great Virtual G.N.O. :->

To participate In The Virtual GNO:  Link up your blog below and visit your fellow party guests - say "Happy VGNO!!!"  Share the blog question/meme on your site to play along. Remember to visit those that have shared their blog links.  We share a common bond in that this party sounded like fun, so don't be shy!  Your first connection is right there! :->   Happy Virtual Girls Night Out blog friends! I hope you had fun.

Ann Again and again the original Virtual Girls Night Out

(*Disclosure:  I was given a kit to try from Cakes Under The Influence for my review.)

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