Tuesday Truth - Is My Choice Of Social Media Sharing Hurting My Child's Future?

Tuesday Truth - Ann Again and again

By sharing my current parental experience could I be hurting my daughter's future?

Years ago I talked about my oldest daughter being diagnosed on the lower end of the Asperger's Spectrum. I wanted to share that information with the hope of connecting with other parents who were going through similar experiences; to find support, understanding and hopefully some humor to get through the days.  I did not want to be a spokesperson for Asperger's I just wanted to let it be known, and if you were in a similar position allow me to join your tribe.

I received e-mails, almost daily, asking for me to read and promote "this" book on Asperger's and/or Autism, attend seminars on the subject and share my experience on my blog.  It was overwhelming.  And not what I intended at all.  This was a part of our lives however, it wasn't the focus of our lives.  Yes, my daughter was slightly on the spectrum and yes, we were working with lovely people who were guiding us toward a good balance, but there's more to her, and our family, than this. 

And I am well aware of how very fortunate we are that it's very slight.  (It's so slight that it's not even an issue now.)  I am completely aware, so please don't comment with "Do you know how lucky you are?" Yes!  I do!  Everyday.

I was very hesitant to share this information in the first place because it's known that by sharing on social media the information is out there forever, and I didn't want my desire to find support through social media to hurt her chances on something positive in the future.  Could I be creating a huge problem for my child?  This question is why I don't write about it any more.

While driving home from school yesterday she made a comment about being so happy with someone and that she "just wanted to give them a great, big hug" then she said to me "Don't worry. I didn't. I know to ask first."  Hearing that breaks my heart.  Since she was two her natural inclination was to hug and to hug really tight.  It's a sensory thing, she has to feel it, never mind that the other person was being squished.  She has learned not to go with a big, hard hug when she's happy with someone, she knows to keep the hugs on what she considers, the soft side.  Also she's learned that not everyone feels comfortable with a hug.  And isn't that sad?

She is smart, she is kind, she is oh-so-pretty and is happy in school.  (As of yesterday anyway!)  She has the biggest heart and she can always hug me as much, and as hard, as she wants.

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