6 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Fall

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My prompt:  6 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Fall -

Maybe it's the fact that I get to sleep in during the Summer months that I dread the beginning of the school year.  When, actually, Fall is very beautiful in the Pacific NW and there are many things I look forward to! And some of them are...

1.)  The Portland Marathon:

A soggy run from 2010

Do I run?  No.  However, I live on a street that's on the route of the marathon and our street, that is normally filled with car traffic, is closed off for Marathon participants, all 15,000 of them.  It's a great sight to see and our neighborhood throws a great party to cheer on the runners/walkers.

2.)  The Greek Festival:

6 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Fall - Ann Again and again

Yes. That is an actual sign from the Annual Greek Festival held at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in N.E. Portland.  I have been attending this festival for decades and I can not believe how big it's become.  So-o-o-o many people attend, it can be quite daunting however, the food is delicious, the dance performances are so fun to watch and the people of Holy Trinity do a great job at hosting the city of Portland in their gorgeous Cathedral.

3.)  Sauvie Island:

An island right outside of the city of Portland, Sauvie Island is host to many pumpkin patches, corn mazes and Fall festivals this time of year.  It's a lovely respite minutes from the city.  We visit Sauvie Island through out the year but it really comes alive in the Fall.  It's an annual tradition to choose our Halloween pumpkins from the Island, whether we grow pumpkins in our own garden, or not :->

6 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Fall - Ann Again and again
A favorite from 2004.  Tiny Lily - then 4 - and little Katie - then 7 - laughing on a hay ride.  Laughing!  Love it.

4.)  The Sun Light:

The way to sun (when it shines ;-> ) hits the trees, the natural light shines in such a way that it makes me think I'm some place else.  A reminder of one of the most beautiful places I've been, and that's... 

5.) The Napa Valley:

6 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Fall - Ann Again and again
Rob and I - 2012
There was a stretch of time when our circumstances were different and we were able to visit the Napa Valley around Crush season often.  Napa Valley in September is the most dreamy place I could ever imagine and I dream of moving there one day. We are hoping, hoping, that we can work it out to visit this Fall.

6.)  Halloween:

6 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Fall - Ann Again and again
Katie as Luigi (her friend was Mario) 2012
6 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Fall - Ann Again and again
Lily as Goth Cheerleader 2012

My girls love dressing up for Halloween and start planning their costumes during the Summer.  Our neighborhood has put on some good, spooky shows in the past and my girls want to participate on the scary side of the Halloween spectrum this year.  I haven't wanted to have scary decorations before however, they're older now and if they want it, they are welcome to create it!  I'll just nibble on my candy corn and smile.

So that's where I'm at right now with Fall.  How about you?  Are you looking forward to Fall?  If so, any parts in particular?

Come on over to Mama Kat's (practically world famous) Writer's Workshop and choose a writing prompt.  Let me know if you do! :->

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  1. Looks like you have some great things to look forward to this Fall! I'm stopping by from the Writer's Workshop. :) Tinalicious.com

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :-> Isn't Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop a great link up? Heading over to your site!

  2. Ooh Sauvie island sounds fun! And not too far from us. Maybe I can talk my husband into a little day trip too. :)

    1. Oh, please do! I think your family will have a great time, there's lots to see and do on this little island.


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