Can You Guess This Cover Boy?

You think your dentist has old magazines in the Waiting Room?  They have nothing on beach houses on the Oregon Coast. Over the years we've found McCall's, House Beautiful and Coastal Living from publishing dates in the 90's.  Here's our recent find that tops them all, in my opinion.  Can you guess who the "cover boy" is?

O.K.   This could be any guy.

Now, who were the popular cuties in this era?  Again, it could be anyone.  (And if you weren't born yet, be quiet and go play with something electronic.)

Do you remember this magazine?  The editor was Jane Pratt who went on to have a talk show in 1993.  She is having a fascinating career, definitely worth looking her up.

O.K.  This next one just might give it away.  But... the eyes kind of look like another strapping young man around this time.  Curious, curious...?

Do you know who it is???

Did you guess...

Robert Downey, Jr. !

I think the name of this magazine fits his personality pretty, darn well.   I think this magazine just might find its way into my suitcase :->

So, what's the oldest magazine you've found in a vacation home/hotel?

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  1. In college we rented a room at a Bates Hotel type place to have a party. In the end table drawer was a Playboy from the 60's! In hind site we should have taken that with us as I'm sure it's worth something! Especially now!

    1. Wow! You win! I can just imagine what that magazine would be worth now.

      And now to think about the fact that you were in a "Bates Hotel" type place with that kind of magazine in the end table??? *SHUDDER* I can not find a Caps button big enough! ;->


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