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Although I was incredibly nervous to attend a WordPress Meet-Up last night, I did it.  I pressed through my anxiety, my doubts and did it. 

I converted my review site, Ann Again and again Reviews, to WordPress.org about a month ago.  To understand the enormous differences between Blogger and WordPress is proving to be difficult for this ol' noggin' of mine and through generous help from a blog buddy I was told about a class, or actually, a "meet-up" for WordPress Bloggers where all questions are welcome.  I needed to attend this meet-up.  I thought I would be the most clueless person there, but I had to go.   

The event was last night in downtown and the fact that I found a parking space right by the front door gave me hope this was a sign that things were going to be all right.  Once inside the building however, my happiness turned quickly to anxiety when I couldn't find the meeting room.  There were no directories, no boards, no signage of any kind notifying which room the meet-up was in.  Crap, I thought.  I am in the right building, right?

I walked around the first floor and listened for voices, or music, or any noise that would indicate there were other people in this building. It was 6:30 and traditional office hours were over.  Finally I heard a voice down a hallway.  I followed the voice and found a poorly lit room full of people that were staring at me while I was looking at them.  Is this the right place?  Hmmm, let's see, every one had a laptop in front of them, everyone had glazed eyes and a blank expression.  Yep!  This is the place!

Thankfully there was a spot for me at a back table.  I got myself all set-up with my electronic do-dads and tried to look like I knew what I was doing.  The thing is, I kinda did.  The more breaths I took, the more I listened to our instructors, I realized that I knew what was going on!  For the most part anyway.  The dreaded "Introduce yourself" motion came to me and Oh-My-Gawd I hate that, but I did it.  What felt great was that I was applauded when I said 'I recently converted from Blogger to WordPress.'  Nice.

I had my main question answered and made connections with two WP Masterminds that have me feeling calmer about my transition.  To be in a room with people who were speaking the WordPress language, and to actually understand at least of smidge of it, made me feel energized.  I am so glad I forced myself through my anxiety and went to this meet-up.  

How are you with going to events?  Joining groups?  Are you out-going and positive?  Or, do you have a touch of anxiety like me?

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