Indigo Girls, Otters and Elephants - Oh My! Thank You Oregon Zoo

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Starting The Week Off... with a smile

While attending The Indigo Girls concert at The Oregon Zoo last night we were able to walk around the Zoo until the show was about to start.  We checked out the 7 month old Asian baby elephant who was completely adorable.  (The light was bad for pics.) I absolutely love otters and was so happy to find my little buddies floating along, drifting in circles and opening their eyes long enough to see me smiling at them.  (I hope I didn't scare them.)

Ann Again and again Starting The Week Off With Otters
Foreground:  Head is close to the wall/camera.  Background:  Opposite direction
I could have stayed much longer.  But... our Indigo Girls were about to play!

Ann Again and again Starting The Week Off With Otters and Indigo Girls
We're Ready!

L: Amy  R: Emily  a.k.a. The Indigo Girls

After a few songs we just had to make it down to the front.  It was a great group of people and our voices were spent from singing at the top of our lungs for hours.  It was a great night!  The Oregon Zoo does a great job for their Summer Concert Series.  Have you enjoyed any concerts so far this Summer?

L:  Me  R:  Rob

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  1. Jealous! Adorable animals and the Indigo Girls - sounds like the perfect evening. I've been to local cover band concerts in the park - but haven't seen a real (or should I say authentic) band in too long! Note to self: get to good concert soon!

  2. Hi, wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can check out the details at http://glennbabies.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-versatile-blogger-award.html

    I'm with Charlene. I've recently been to a cover band but not a good authenic concert in years. Maybe before I had kids!

  3. OMG! I love Indigo Girls! I wish I went to any concert this year but unfortunately non for me.
    Dropping by to thank you for linking up with us at the Blog Strut! :)

  4. How fun! The zoo and a great concert! What a perfect way to spend the day. I've seen several concerts this summer too. I think my favorite would be the Rhett Walker band. They put on a wonderful show. I also saw Third Day, Matthew West, Tenth Avenue North, and Rend Collective Experiment this summer, and am a new follower via bloglovin. I hope you can drop by too.

  5. Looks like a great time! Found you on the Blog Strut.



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