How Not To Wear A Swimsuit

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Starting The Week Off... With A Laugh

Considering our recent trip to the incredibly lovely Black Butte Ranch in Central Oregon required being in a bathing suit practically every day (it is super hot - but it's a "dry" heat ;-> ) I was reminded of an episode from years ago I never want to relive.  

"The Rear View"

The temperatures are soaring, Rob is out of town, and my girls and I need a break. So I decide to put together our swim bags to go to a huge swim park. My girls are so excited and I'm glad I have the energy to do this.

We have a fine, long, drive. I get a great parking spot. We smile and hold hands skipping to our fun afternoon.

We get one of the Family changing room's (which is a major coo in itself) and my 9 yr. old gets all set as fast as she can then asks if she can meet us by the pool. "Sure”, I say. “Don't get in without me", the usual rules.

While my 6 yr. old is still trying to put herself together I look in the mirror and notice that my exercises are starting to work. The thighs aren't so bad right now. Let's see the back-side.


The back half of my swimming suit has been eaten away by chlorine of summers past.  The material is now cellophane of blue. I'm all there for the world to see.

*#%* !!!!

I wrap a towel around myself and walk to the main desk to see if they sell swimsuits. Name your price. I don't care. Turns out they don't sell swimsuits but they will sell me a nice pair of goggles with pink dolphins.

My youngest is ready to go. My oldest is waving at me from the side of the pool. And there I am, in my invisible swimsuit.

I made a deal with my youngest to stand directly and closely behind me upon entering and leaving the water. 'Promise me Lily!!! Promise!!!' "Yup. O.K. Mommy. Let's go on the water slide!" And off she goes.

Oh my... There's a long line and a tall stair-case. Why me?

I'm never going back to that swim park again. I'm sure they'll thank me.

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  1. LOL!! Oh you poor thing. Wardrobe malfunctions are the worst. I'll commiserate with my biggest summer fashion disaster - when I was 18, I was hanging out at a park with my friends. I managed to fall backwards off a swing, so I was not only laying bruised and bloodied in the sand, but my dress flipped up over my head so my underpants were on display in those fateful few seconds before I could scramble up and get myself together. Summer is just trouble all around! HA!

    1. Trouble I tell ya'! Ouch for the bruised and bloodiness of it all. Yikes! At least I had no injuries ;->

  2. HAHA oh no! Reminds me of the time I got dunked by a wave at the beach one day and came up like a beached whale with my bikini top around my head. I've never worn a bikini in the ocean since!

    1. Geez, what an experience! I could say that just your situation is why I don't wear a bikini... but it's not. But I for SURE won't wear one now Liz!

  3. Oh nooo, that is bad situation :( Got your point, now before going out there in swimming suit we will have to check from every side!

    <3 PinKixx

  4. Oh how awful and funny (now)! I am going to make a point now to test every swim suit in the light before risking it in public. ;)

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  6. I feel your pain! Thank you so much for participating in our link party last week. We hope to see you at our next Blog Strut Linky Party at mypersonalaccent.com!


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