Good Place For Water Babies

Thank goodness for generous neighbors.  We are so lucky to have a beautiful pool so close.  It's a saving grace beyond measure.

Our neighbors say, "This isn't really "ours".  We are happy to share with those that appreciate it."  Amazing.
The house that partners with this pool has been a host to many, including Bobby Kennedy when stumping for his Presidential nomination.

Our little, funky, neighborhood of St. Johns in Portland, OR.

(Now... we get to see Grimm (NBC on ??? night - they keep changing it!) filming in our little neighborhood and around the city.) 

My neighborhood may be small, but it can feel very big.

I'm participating in Wordless Wednesday at Sincerely, Paula.  If you choose to participate, let me know! ;->

Life as we know it by Paula

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  1. Thanks goodness you have a nice way to cool off way over there!!


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