Organizing Goals For The Month

I'm participating in Mama Kat's (Pretty Much World Famous) Writer's Workshop.  Today's chosen prompt:

Create a "May Bucket List" ... what will you accomplish this month.

Well, there are a few things that I've been undecided on for months now, and recently I got my spark back and am on track to get things done.  The first one:

*My Husband's Birthday Party  

Rob's birthday was in February, however he was in a play so having a party was proving to be a scheduling problem.  We did go to his show on his birthday but no special party happened.

Ann Again... and again
Me, Rob, Katie and Lily
Then, when the show was over, we had circumstances that made having a party not a top priority. Days goes by and no formal 50th celebration.  That's just not right.  I'm getting it together for the end of this month.  It will be done!

*Moving My Review Blog From Blogger To Wordpress.

For years I've been reading the debate between blog platforms Blogger and Wordpress.  The lingering question of which is best for your goals with your blog is always a good conversation starter.  I visited Mom Bloggers Club on Monday morning specifically to get information on Wordpress and I couldn't believe my luck.  A member had just signed up to join MBC 3 hours earlier and she is a self-professed Wordpress enthusiast.  What luck!  I have been receiving tremendous, generous guidance from Sarah Franzt "Tips And Tricks Of A WordPress Mom".  I expect to get started on my blog move in a couple of days.  (I'm nervous!  )  If you've moved your blog from Blogger to WordPress.org I would love to hear about your experience.

*My Scentsy Business:

I have been a Scentsy consultant for over a year and I still enjoy the product very much.  I sell in a very laid back way.  I have a history with direct sales and I just can't load up my gear and deliver a show in front of women who would rather drink and talk to each other then listen to what I'm saying any more.  (I get it, I get it.  I would rather be sitting and sipping too then listen to someone selling their wares!)  Instead of heading to someones home I hold Open Houses at my place and we all eat, sip and sniff away at the Scentsy fragrances.

Thing is, I stopped having parties about 6 months ago.  And, if you're familiar with direct sales business, you need to make a quota quarterly   I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it up but, gosh darn it, I really like this product!  So, I've put an order together and I'm having a party in a week.  I'm excited!  

Buy From Me, Delivered Directly To Your  Door!

So there it is,  my "May Bucket List" of things I will accomplish this month.  Again, if you have made the blog move from Blogger to WordPress.org I would love to hear about your experience.  And if you're participating in the Writer's Workshop let me know :->

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  1. I am in direct sales business too but I am very laid back at the moment. Need to shape up a bit and increase my revenue :D

    Visiting from Mama's Kat


    1. It happens. I ride the direct sales business in waves it seems. I'm so pumped the first few months then *boom* I get a bit dejected that things aren't going as planned. I'm better than I was about it though.

      Feelin' good, feelin' good.

      Thanks so much for stopping by from Mama Kat's! I'm heading over to your blog now :->


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