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Ann Again... and again
Rob's herbs

While his job is full of stress (computer tech), Rob turns to our yard to do something he truly enjoys - gardening.  The sage, rosemary, thyme and... are those beets? ... look beautiful.

Do you enjoy gardening?  What's your favorite vegetable to have straight from the garden?  I don't think anything can beat a fresh tomato.

I'm participating in Wordless Wednesday at Sincerely, Paula.  Click the button to see more photo's and to participate as well.  Let me know if you do! :->

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  1. I've personally never gardened and don't think I have the gardening gene lol. I always think it's wonderful when someone can grow such nice things!

    Happy WW :)

    1. Oh Paula, you need to start a sweet, little garden then you'll be hooked. Do it! Do it today! :->

  2. I want an herb garden so badly. We have such little sun. I've tried container gardening and failed! Maybe I'll try again this year! Oh and beets, I love me some beets!

    Hugs my friend!

    1. I love beets too! One of my fav ways to eat them is a Beet Salad:

      *Beets (red, golden)
      *Goat Cheese
      *Mixed Greens
      *Pine Nuts
      *Balsamic Vinegar and Oil


      Well, I guess we know what I'm going to be having today :->


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