Tuesday Truth or Dare - Thunder Thighs

For "Tuesday Truth or Dare"  I'm going with truth again.

I am SO BUMMED.  Here I am, 6 weeks back into my exercise routine, 6 weeks of exercising 6 days a week for about an hour to an hour and a half each time, and my size has not gone down.  Yes, I am much stronger and yes, my jeans zip up easier but GEEZ!

Yesterday Rob, the girls and I went bowling and Rob took a picture of us before we started our games and when I saw the size of my thighs I wanted to cry.

Ann Again... and again
Lily, Ann "Thunder Thighs", Katie
I have been working so hard and it doesn't look like I've done a thing.  Well, it looks like I've been sitting on the couch downing Doritos is what it looks like.  GAHHH!!

Yes, yes, I know that your metabolism slows with age and yes, I am "mid-forties" but come on!  I am just so bummed about this and so tired of my big, ol' butt!!!


I won't stop exercising.  I just wish that it looked like it was working.  That's my Tuesday Truth.

If you choose "dare" your assignment is:  Post a picture of yourself with no make-up.

Leave a comment if you're participating :->

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