Time To Check Something Off The List

We've lived in our little house for over 15 years now and you know what?  That long list of " we-can-change-this/we-can-move-that/we-can-build-this" that we created when we were buying our bungalow still has the same ideas on the paper, just not in reality.  Nothing has been crossed off, checked off, or erased.  Oh wait, we did get new windows.

It isn't that we can't handle a change in our surroundings, we can.  It's just that Rob and I aren't the DIY-er's that we thought we would be.  Work, children, extra activities have been taking precedence over panel removing.  But Spring is on its way and I think we're feeling inspired for something fresh and new.  Our flooring would be a great place to start.

When purchasing this house we inherited a floor tile that looks like it would be perfectly acceptable in the kitchen of The Brady Bunch.  I compare the look to brown confetti.  (They don’t make brown confetti and there’s a reason why.)  The time for a change in our flooring has come so I’m looking into Topps Tile for inspiration and ideas. 

We need a floor that can take the playfulness of our chocolate lab and the in-and-out of our active backyard.  When the rain starts to subside that’s when we are busy in the yard and garden, weeding, tilling, or planting.  Dirt everywhere!  So we need to have a floor that cleans easily.  When the sun starts shining the outside becomes like another room of our house, so I want to find wood flooring that can hold up to lots of foot traffic.

Also, with me being more diligent with my exercising this time around, I’m moving furniture out of the way for those hundreds of lunges and sidekicks (may not really be hundreds, but it sure feels like it!) so I hope to find flooring that can withstand sliding of couches and chairs and not leave grooves behind.  It’s obvious I've never shopped for wood flooring however, I’m sure they've come up with a product that can take a good couch moving, or two.  Let the shopping begin!

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  1. I am awful at DIY! Decorating is what I can do. I can also dial the numbers of people I need to fix things - I save money on all the great cooking I do ;)
    Good luck exercising!

  2. Yeah, I'm with Leigh. Really good at dialing and decorating, not so good at diy'ing. It always ends up looking like I, well, DIY'ed.
    Good luck!


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