How to Create a Bedroom Fit for a Princess

Many little girls go through a princess stage.  (In our hearts do we ever grow out of it?) They love Disney princesses and want to read about them and wear princess clothes.  The love of princesses likely grew for these girls when Kate Middleton turned into a real life princess when she married Prince William.  My daughters and I watched the ceremony and I loved it all. If your girl is enraptured with princesses, there is likely nothing that will impress her more than creating a princess themed bedroom.  Room To Grow, suppliers of children's bedroom furniture, have helped me come up with these suggestions.

Here's how to create a bedroom fit for a princess:

1.  Browse for ideas.  The Internet is filled with ideas for inspiration.  Pinterest especially can be a treasure trove.  Just search "princess bedroom" and you'll find pages of ideas.

2.  Decide on your colors.  Pink is standard princess color, but if you don't want an all pink bedroom in case you need to redecorate later, you can choose another regal color like purple and accent with taupe and/or pink.

3.  Choose a canopy.  A canopy alone can turn a bedroom into a princess' dream.  The canopy can simply cover the top of the bed, or it can be hooked to the wall behind the bed with flowing tulle draping down the side of the bed.  Some people have the canopy drape all the way to the floor to envelope the sides of the entire bed.  The choice is yours and your princess'.

4.  Choose accents.  A few carefully chosen accents can go a long way with the theme.  If your daughter already has a white dresser, consider putting on decals with a crown or a wand or some other castle theme.  Likewise, you could simply paint the dresser knobs with a royal theme and leave the dresser unmarred.

5.  Unleash your inner artist.  If you or someone you know is artistically inclined, consider painting a mural on the wall.  Friends did this on their daughters wall and my little princess hasn't stopped talking about it.  They made an elaborate castle landscape on one wall that pulled the entire room together.  If you don't want to decorate that extensively, consider painting some winding flowers on the wall as accents.

If your little girl loves all thinks pink and princess, she would be thrilled with a princess themed bedroom.  While there are plenty of elaborate bedrooms out there to use as inspiration, you don't have to do such extensive decorating or spend thousands of dollars to make an adorable bedroom fit for your princess.  A canopy and some carefully placed accents along with a fresh coat of paint may be all you need.

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