Wisdom Of The Apple

I walked into the kitchen and my 15 year old daughter Katie was grabbing an apple.  She did something that took me back decades. Before biting into the apple she was turning the stem and, while doing this, I overheard her saying,  "...H. I. J. K..."  Oh my gosh!  I used to do that.

Do you remember twisting the stem from an apple and the letter that it released on was the first letter of the name of the boy you either liked, loved, or the guy you were going to marry?  (Whatever variation.)

Between flower petals and apple stems we were always trying to get some hint at our love.

Talk about a Time Machine!  Did you do this too?  What other games were there?

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  1. I don't remember the apple, but I definitely remember the flower petals. I loved the "pick a number" paper game we played as children - the one where the flip of the paper supposedly revealed your fortune.


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