Starting Up The Routine - Again


I let too many days go by without exercising and yesterday I started up again.  Oh my, oh my, oh my.  If it were Halloween I would fit right in with my impersonation of Frankenstein.  I'm walking like I have shoes made of bricks!

I was doing so well too.  I found a program I liked (Well, it worked better than any exercise regime I'd ever done so that's my interpretation of "liked" - "Brazil Butt Lift Review - Let's Try This Again") and I stuck to a schedule.  But when the cold, wet weather starts in the lovely ol' Pacific Northwest I kind of go the route of a bear, I just want to get cozy and sleep.  I don't exercise as much, Cheez-Its are my friend and I think by eating Progresso Light soup I'm sticking to a diet.  However, my stomach hanging over my favorite pair of Levi's say something different.  "Get moving!"

I'm back on the exercise wagon, or better yet, "treadmill".  And I really shouldn't have stopped.  It gets so %&$!#@ hard to lose weight/get firm the older you get! GAH!  But, I won't be discouraged.  It's better to move than not.  Ibuprofen, here I come.

Have you fallen of the exercise wagon?

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