Lingering Frost - Wordless Wednesday

Ann Again... and again

Just when I think the increasing Pacific Northwest sunshine and the droves of robins in my backyard signal the start of a warm Spring, I awake to frost on my van's windshield and icy web's decorating my arbor.

I'm grateful that we're not in a blizzard.  I'm thankful for breaks in the rain.  I just can't wait for Spring to get here.

(I'm participating in Sincerely, Paula's Wordless Wednesday. - I'm not so wordless ;-> - Click the button to join the fun!)

Life as we know it by Paula

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  1. Hi Ann, This is a tough time of year, we think its spring and then mother natures through a curve.
    Hope you can stop by.
    Magical Miniature Gardens Wordless Wednesday
    Twitter Thanks have a great day! Karren

    1. You are so right Karren. I'll just hang on and keep waiting for the warmth. I'll be right over to visit your blog! :->

  2. Soon the wait will be over and it will be worth it :)
    Thanks so much for linking up!! Happy WW!

    1. It's so hard to wait Paula!!! ;->

      Thank you for hosting such a wonderful link party. Happy WW to you too!


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