So About That Dentist Appointment...

Well, ok.  Yeah, um... about that dentist appointment for Lily yesterday.

After the many days of reminding (I don't call it nagging) my children to brush their teeth - morning and night - after my speeches of 'sugar will dig holes in your teeth' and 'you are so lucky to have running water to brush your teeth in' (I'm all for guilt!) after prefacing her examination with the dental hygienist with my speech of 'Now that you're 12 Lily, you are responsible for the condition of your teeth' this happened...

No Cavities!


My Lily loves sugar.  I mean LOVES it.  Although Halloween does have it's place with a day of sweets, nothing compares to December in our house.  Because not only is it Christmas time, we also celebrate Katie's birthday and Lily's birthday. Wow.  All month long there are cookies, candies and cakes.  Oh my!

Rob and I have done our best to limit the sugar over the years but it's all still there and it's oh-so-tempting.  So, after this holiday season I thought for sure this dentist visit would show it's effects on her lacking efforts of tooth-brushing   But no-o-o-o-o.  I hear the words, "No.  She doesn't have any cavities.  But let's talk about an Ortho consultation."  Um, what?!

Oh, that's for another day.  For today we smiled a big, shiny smile of relief that the cavities were held at bay. That lucky girl.

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  1. My 6 year old really has a sweet tooth. But we're not as lucky, he has a tooth with a huge hole that needs will be removed next week. :(

    BTW, thank you so much for stopping by "Ronda Writes"!!! I forgot all about that rant, lol. :)

  2. I love this! Those darn teeth! Truly what an eternity in hell would be: We're sorry, we've found 2 more cavities in your son's mouth. Are you sure you have him brush? Are you sure you're for to be a mom because good parenting has been linked to healthy teeth.

    I have had many kid-dental issues.

    So glad you found me so I could find you!

    1. Ha! Those thoughts go through my mind too. I think the dental hygienists are in the back room saying "If she were a good mother than her child wouldn't have any cavities." Uh, the guilt

  3. Good thing your Lily doesn't have any cavities but that really is surprising. At 12, I had my tooth removed so she’s very lucky! But as much as possible keep her from eating sweets. It’s better to avoid sweets than to have false teeth. Ha-ha!

    1. I hear ya'! No false teeth, please. I'll share your story about having a tooth removed, that should produce better brushing habits!


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