The Birthday Countdown

"7 days until my birthday"

"6 days until my birthday"

"5 days until my birthday"

This is what we've been hearing from our little Lily. 

She now has 4 days until her birthday.  On December 7th she will be 12 years old.

Where have the days gone?  Where has the time gone?  What the heck is going on here?!?

*Heavy, heavy sigh*

I am preparing to host a lovely, and lively, group of girls for a slumber party this Friday.  Rob has conveniently remembered he has an event he needs to attend - just for a bit - this Friday night. 

Ah, well.  It's for the best any way.  I think hearing One Direction and Taylor Swift played over and over would put him over the edge and I need him around.

"4 days until my birthday".

Yes Lily, I know.


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  1. These days go by so very fast!

    Happy almost-birthday to Lily.


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