Onto Our Latest Journey - I Have A 12 Year Old Daughter

I've been posting a lot of videos and little quips lately because so much change is going on in our lives and I'm not so sure if sharing the experiences through the blog will make everyone involved happy.  But I have things I want to share!  So frustrating.

Let's see.  Could I talk around the subject?  Be incredibly vague and still get my message across?  Hmmm.

(Ladies, I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about ;-> )
My Katie was almost 12 when I heard the words, "Mom, could you come here?"  From the tone of her voice and the expression on her face I knew what that meant.  We'd read the books,  she'd had the "body awareness" classes in school and we'd talked and talked about all the changes soon to come.   And here we were... while we were preparing for a huge Thanksgiving feast.  Whew.  What a day!

With her little sister almost reaching 12 I was not only getting sad at how quickly the time had gone by I was getting wistful at her changes soon to come.  My precious Lil' is such a sweetie, ready to give and get hugs, loves to have talks before she goes to sleep, and is so confident and silly that she's a joy to be around.  But with those darn hormones you never know what they're going to bring.  What if it all changes?  What if I'm spending my last "Silly Lily" days?  And, when the time comes, it all will be stress, and self doubt and closed doors.

Well, a week before she turned 12 I heard, "Mom, could you come here?"  From the tone and a funny expression on her face I knew.  So here we are, beginning our latest journey.  And Rob, the only (human) boy in the house.  Lucky guy ;->

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  1. Ahhh...
    One day when my daughter was 12, my husband asked me what we needed from the store. At that same moment, my daughter got mad at me. She screamed at the top of her lungs and slammed her bedroom door shut. I yelled to my husband, "Get pads for Caitlin!" He said, "you are so bad!" and he laughed. I said, "No, I am serious. I KNOW that mood well. The time has come!" A week later, my phone rang. "Mommmm...I think I got my..." =)


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