I am SO SICK of GUNS!!!

In my city of Portland, OR on Tuesday, December 11th a man armed with guns went into a shopping mall, busy with holiday shoppers, and shot at who ever he could.  He killed 1 woman, a hospice nurse and mother, and 1 man, a husband a father of young children, before killing himself.

When I see the pictures of the victims I see people my age.  I see people who were most likely shopping for something special to give their family for Christmas.  And because of a sad, angry man who was able to get his hands on a gun, those people are no longer alive.  Beyond depressing.

Today, I am overwhelmed with the news that I am hearing from Newtown, CT.  A man entered an elementary school and started shooting.  Dozens are dead.  Children. CHILDREN!!!  Because of an insane, angry man who got his hands on guns.


I will NEVER understand gun ownership. 

For those that say, "Don't take away my gun rights!  If I had been there I could have used my gun to stop the shooter!"  The thing is, they never are there.  

This is never going to end.

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