Getting Ready For Storytime

The days leading to Christmas are so filled with family gatherings, and last-minute gift ideas/shopping, that when Christmas Eve arrives we're ready to sleep by 9:00. (At least I am.)

My Father-in-law's birthday is Dec. 24th so after arriving home from his party we do a quick change into our p.j's then settle in for our tradition of Rob's reading of The Night Before Christmas. (I've had the copy of this book since I was a wee little Ann Marie. The binding is coming apart, the pages are slipping out, and I love this book so much :->)

If you celebrate Christmas how was your Christmas Eve spent?

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  1. nice that you have some traditions and with something you've kept from your childhood, too. we've got none of those here :/ btw when did you go redhead (that is redhead right?)? you look great! trying to visit all the old blogs i liked to read. i'm somewhat getting back into blogging. we'll see how it goes lol


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