More Unicorns And Glitter Please?

My Lily has discovered the store Justice.  Oh my.  This is the mecca for pre-teen girls who love  sparkles and glitter and neon and sparkles and fuzzy stuff and sparkles and... you get where I'm going with this, right?

This is not a store for those with Attention Deficit.  Focus in is order, to save your sanity, once you step over their threshold.  When you enter this shining store you will hear One Direction, Taylor Swift and One Direction again.  I don't believe there is one beige speck in this place and it's just how my Lily likes it.  She's in her version heaven!

I was actually feeling concerned for her precious heart yesterday when she chose to wear a delightful top accented with, what else, sparkles, a shiny, sparkly skirt and fuzzy and SHINY purple boots.  She absolutely LOVES this outfit and I prayed all day that her classmates would appreciate her sense of style.  It's 6th grade now people, we know what can happen.  (The rest of the girls wear your basic jeans and Aeropostale T's.)

I played all kinds of scenarios in my mind;  the mean girl who says her mean things, the rude boy with his mocking words, giggles once she passes a group in the hall.  I was scared there would be those who would try to crush my sweet Lily's Sparkly Fashion spirit and I spent too much time worrying about it.  Ugh!  Why do I choose to worry so much!!!

When I picked her up all she said was that "school was boring" and that kids liked her boots. 

I hope that she always stays sparkly.  It makes life fun.

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