Don't Mess With This Santa!

We seem to be on a movie jag lately.  (It's because we've discovered Regal Cinemas has movies for $5 on Tuesdays :->) 

Last night we went more of a light-hearted, "family friendly" route with our movie choice (see "We Took Our Children To See Spielberg's Lincoln") and saw Rise of the Guardians. 

Tattoos.  Grumpy Faces.  And swords.  And that's Santa!

Call me old-fashioned but I'm more of a Rankin and Bass Santa Claus.  (You know, the one that looks a bit like Glen Campbell.  And you younger group out there, Google "Glen Campbell" so you know what I'm talking about!)

Despite the armor, Rise of the Guardians was sweet, had a nice message and was visually amazing.  No 3D for us this time, I'm a bit done with 3D.  Except when we see Life of Pi.  I've heard it must be seen in 3D.

Have you seen Rise of the Guardians?  What did you think?

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