The Sun Is Shining! Get Away From The Computer!

The weather in Portland has been heavenly for me.  I'm not ready for the clouds and drizzle just yet.  (I didn't use to mind the grey, I imagined I lived in London, but the older I get I need more sun.)   And while this weather is gorgeous I'm finding it difficult to get Lily away from a computer game that seems to be taking over any time she has away from school and school work.  

Yesterday, during one of her "computer breaks" she decided to decorate the Fall spider webs with dew. 

What ever gets her outside and away from the computer is fine with me.  (Dealing with the water bill is another issue!)

And darn it!  It cuts off before her close-up with her fancy zebra sunglasses.  My little fashionista.

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  1. I miss the sunshine too but we need the rain so bad here in GA...Funny how young ones cannot get away from the computer


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