Proud Mom Moment!

With all of the stress that I was getting from Katie over the summer regarding her attending a high school that we had chosen for her, (Post: Constantly Asking, Am I Doing The Right Thing?) this year is starting out on an amazing positive note! 

Her classmates were attending the local public high school but Rob and I felt that wasn't a good fit for her.  All summer we were hearing complaints and feeling her dread.  Change isn't easy and I was beginning to think I made a mistake in pushing toward this high school.  She seemed miserable with the thought of being some place where you had to wear a uniform and she had no friends for support.  I researched this school and heard great things about it, including the amazing support from teachers and fellow students!  Oh man, I just wanted the year to begin so we could see what would happen, enough with the dread of not knowing!

Well, her second day in she actually confessed to looking forward to going back.  (*ahem* excuse me, what-did-she-just-say?)  Every day I notice she seems confident and calm, there's even a glimmer of a tiny smile on her precious face!  I pray every morning that things keep moving in a positive direction.  We've come so far from her 1st grade diagnoses of having high functioning Aspergers Syndrome.  Look at her now, she's so much better at her social skills, is concentrating better in class and, get this, she scored the highest test score in her Freshman Algebra class!  Geometry, here she comes!

Everyday is different, not everything goes smoothly however, I will take a breath for now and give myself a little encouragement that we made the right choice for our Katie.

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