I'm Really Off Lately

Oh boy.  I have been feeling so "off" lately.  I know the changing of the season here in the Pacific Northwest is playing a big part in my sinuses - which are killing me!  It must be the leaves falling.  Leaves contribute to mildew and allergens, right?  I've tried some sinus medicine recently and that did not work out well.  I'll keep working with Xylitol and Ocean sprays and see what happens.

And my body temperature is wacky.  Last night I was burning up. 

I'm tired.  I can't remember words, easy words. I'm hungry.  I'm not hungry.  Am I getting ready to hibernate?  Or, is it because I'm in my mid-40's? 

My mood is stable, so I've got that going for me ;-> 

I'll blame it all on the changing of the season and my nasty sinus pain for now.

(Do you have any miracle cures?  Icks-nay on the Neti Pot-ay)

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