A Sister Stands Vigil

Telling the girls about Phoebe's condition wasn't easy.  Rob did a great job.  With Phoebe in his arms he let the girls know that she's very sick and that she doesn't have much time left.  But, we are giving her medicine so she isn't in pain and we get to spoil her with whatever treats she can eat and lots of love. 

It was a very long, tear-filled night.  I'm so proud of my girls for getting up and ready for school on time this morning!  I thought they were going to be so wiped out but they pressed on with their puffy eyes.  While I was making the school lunches Katie took my iPhone from its charger and went around the corner.  When she came back she showed me this picture -

Sister Maddy is by Phoebe's side.  She's been with her most of the day.

And get this, the book that Maddy is laying on is "The Purpose Driven Life".  It seems very fitting.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Phoebe :( hug the girls for me. XOXO - Shannon


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