When Will I Learn?

We are at the end of the official first week of school.  Lily, the middle schooler, has made it through the week in a pretty positive mood even though her closest friends are in the other class.  I really don't know why they arranged it that way?  She has 4 close friends and they separated her from the group.  Of course I'll talk to her teacher about this, because I just can't figure it out.  I'm sure she will be fine where ever she is, it just made for an anxious first day and learning that she can't sit with her friends at lunch has made her pretty darn sad everyday.  I feel you need all the support you can get when you begin Middle School.  This should become an interesting year.

Katie seems to be thriving in the beginning of her Freshman year.  (Although, I hesitate to say something so positive when we're only one week in, however she seems pretty darn happy!  I don't want to jinx it!)  Get this, she was complaining for MONTHS about having to wear a uniform to school.  (It's your typical Land's End uniform catalog items; button-down collar shirts, khaki pants or skirt, flats - no tennis shoes!)  But the last two days I couldn't get her to change her clothes!  She even wore her uniform to her youth group last night to show her friends at church!  I actually, no kidding, literally just made a heavy sigh.

All of the ridiculous stress I was putting on myself in the weeks leading up to school starting was such a waste of energy!!!  Fretting over whether Katie could find her classes without me there for support.  Stressing about not giving my girls enough transition time with the sleeping/waking schedule, because I really wanted those last days of summer vacation at the beach and not at home prepping for school.  I didn't buy school supplies until I was on my way home from the beach!

And you know what?  Katie has found her classes, the girls wake up just fine, and they have all the school supplies they need.  Friggin' anxiety!  Why do I do that to myself?  Ugh.  When will I ever learn?

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  1. Glad to hear the first week has gone so well for the kids and that all the worrying was over nothing.

    I don't understand why your middle schooler can't sit with her friends at lunch? Are they making classes sit together?

    1. Yes. They make classes sit together. In a couple of weeks they'll begin a program called "Self Manager". The students carry around a form and each teacher has to sign it, which proves the teacher thinks the student is responsible. When every teacher has signed the form the student receives a Self Manager badge and they should be able to sit where they want at lunch. (There are other perks as well.)


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