Kind Of Curious

So I'm driving down a main street in our neighborhood and a reader board of a Church catches my eye.  'What did that say?' I thought.  Back around the block I go.  When I saw the reader board I was a bit surprised.  You see, the words that were on it were very similar to something I had posted on Twitter about a month ago.

I posted:

Ann Again... and again 

And this is what I found on a neighborhood Church's reader board:

It's just kinda' funny how similar the wording is.  At least, I think so.

I understand in this age of massive social media that having an original thought is really just a culmination of other images and words you've seen along the way.  I just found it mind blowing to experience this similarity in my own neighborhood.

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  1. but darn it, yours wont load. :( The church pic loaded fine. Grrrrrrr BAD computer! Bad Bad Computer... sorry where was I?
    Yes I notice this happening a lot now that I put words out there,and sometimes I see them in an ecard.


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